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Zap Branigan says "thats a definate maybe, your neutralness" Like Futurama ! then bid with confidence!

In fact did you know that ebay is one of the largest shopping centres in the world, Its truely amazing to utilize the dynamics of Ebay to the fullest, you can buy just about any new release dvd, through an assortment of distributors world wide!

Ebay uses a hybrid culmination of software which takes authorised shareware and collaborates it with search engine filesharing and advertisement adware to give you, the consumer,  the most diligent and comprehensive place to buy & sell just about anything imaginable... from dvds to cdma to usb to music in all forms to, clothing and cars and airplanes  ... truely amazing.

All you need is internet access and money in the form of a bank account... We can help you from there.  

Ebay is the host & you are the shopper, Therefore ebay stipulates reasonable & logical regulations that are adhered to for it to work, These are rules are formed on the basis of contractual law in co operation with the world wide web, networking at its best ! to make your friend- product- dream that one step closer.

In fact you dont even have to buy for ebay to be handy, it provides a mechanism for you to contact businesses and people in the know in many different facets of the marketplace , after all its not what you know, its who you know right ? well anyways our families land mark E purchase was buying a 28 meter boat in Ye olde Paris, on the river Seine, great hey well it was a give and take transaction, it was 20 000 Euros but has no engines installed- new project ! finding a cost effective drydock in Paris to chuck in the new ones! oh joy to ye father! Or should  i say "tenir bon sur Seine, que un retablissement! "

Need extra cash!

You can also sell items if thats your thing, new and unopened to secondhand and scratched up, if god permits... after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right ? Well there is always that possibility that someone out there is looking for a 68 VW combi van gearbox... or something of equal randomness and value!

For starters, you've got your finances sorted and are managing on a hand to mouth basis right, money in the back pocket, right! Well register... In this country www.Ebay.com.au  in the USA www.ebay.com in the UK www.ebay.co.uk , in fact there are a number of ebay interfaces all over the globe, from Sth America to Korea, Japan, Europe, S E Asia and Africa;  and all you have to do is register and follow the prompts

Here are the steps to follow.

#1 If you've got that computer problem sorted, then have you got the internet provider (IP) problem covered? its no fun bidding in the last minutes of an auction with unbearable console lag...

#2 Register with www.ebay.com.au,

All it takes is your basic itenerent details such as name, address, DOB, phone numbers, email address, this sort of jazz... oh and one hurdle not to stagger on is registering your pay account details, this is not compulsory but it brings the international marketplace convienience of the bay that one step closer.

#3 Net Banking ? If your a skeptic and dont like feeding your 12 digit afiliated numbers into the cyber realm, then dont fret, alot of people will list a variety of payment options, Usually domestic sellers. International transactions are more notorious in a manor that stipulates "paypal only"... terms of payment differ from seller to seller and it is within their right to decide which valid form monetary embursement is accepted as a fulfillment at the buyers end of the obligation. However a alot of local sellers will utiilize, features such as Western Union money transfers and other simililar payment transfers devices like a $2.50 cash transfer at Australia post,  from cash on delivery (COD)  If your PC savvy enough to have sussed out your personel banks netbanking privileges, then get on board!  Encryption Software   is reliable enough to transfer vast sums of money worldwide these days, most hackers are not smart enough to hack your banks encryption... transaction encrption... blah, blah blah, buy small at first if really tight, something you could afford to loose! Worst case scenario!

 A credit card is usually necessary for paying international sellers,  via paypals website, another secure front which will firewall your average hackers ability to intercept account credentials! So dont be a pessimus! nobody likes a sour grape!

infact dont sign up, what do i care ! the less people onboard the better! it enables me to get more bargains on questionable merchandise... depending on marketvalue to the consumer ! Viva la Bay  

yours sincerely the

hipbideehopper  2006

www.ebay.com &  www.paypal.com ... follow the hyperlink prompts to windowshoppers paradise a truely liberating experience.      

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