Wheel and Tyre Set Buying Guide

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Wheel and Tyre Set Buying Guide

Purchasing a wheel and tyre set is a great way to completely change the wheels on a vehicle all at once. While it might not be completely necessary to replace wheels as well as tyres, there are many reasons to upgrade wheels as well including upsizing, getting newer or high performance rims, or even changing the look and feel of a vehicle. Purchasing a full set of wheels and tyres can be expensive but it is usually more affordable than purchasing each separately.

Considerations for buyers include choosing appropriate tyres as well as the correct size of rims. Choosing quality is also usually a good idea but there are also budget options available that might offer slightly lower quality for a much lower price. Buyers can choose to purchase wheels and tyres in stores or from eBay or another online store depending on their preferences and when they need the wheels on the vehicle.

Choosing Wheel and Tyre Sets

The most important part of buying a wheel and tyre set is choosing the appropriate wheels and tyres for the vehicle. Considerations include size, bolt patterns, height, width, thickness of the tread, speed rating, and more. Most buyers should also consider their budget, although not everyone has a specific amount they would like to spend.


Rims or wheels are typically made out of aluminium or steel but can also be made of chrome, depending on the style. Aluminium wheels are very common as they are lightweight, durable, and very affordable. Aluminium wheels are a great choice for most cars; steel is more appropriate for heavy duty cars; and chrome is mostly only appropriate for show cars.

Bolt Pattern

There are multiple types of bolt patterns available for wheels and the one chosen should match the one on the vehicle. This can be found by either looking at the old wheel or by looking at the axle to see the number of bolts protruding from it. Bolt patterns include four, five, six, and eight lug and have a number of holes corresponding to the number of lugs. If the bolt pattern does not match, then the wheel cannot be used on the vehicle. If purchasing online, simply look at a photo of the wheels before making the purchase as this is an easy way to see the bolt pattern.

Height and Width

An easy way to purchase rims is to choose the same size as is currently on the vehicle. However, it is also possible to size up one inch (2.5 centimetres) or two inches (5 centimetres) in order to increase performance or tyre size. This is called 'to plus the tyres' and can be 'plus one' or 'plus two'. Plus one is a 2.5-centimetre increase of the wheel diameter but includes a 10-centimetre increase of the width of the tyre and a ten-point aspect ratio decrease for the tyre. Plus two is a 10-centimetre increase of the wheel diameter but a 20-centimetre increase of the tyre size and a 20-point decrease in the aspect ratio. Choosing to plus the wheels is a personal decision and not really necessary for most buyers. Height and width recommendations can usually be found in the owner's manual or sometimes on the interior of the vehicle's fender.

Wheel width can be chosen by the tyre or by the recommendations in the owner's manual. It is also possible to check the size of the rim by looking at the code on the size of the tyre currently in place. This code should be a string of letters and numbers such as P215/40R15. The last number usually denotes the width of the wheel and can be used to choose a new wheel width.

Purchasing wheels and tyres as a set does make purchases easier because it is a lot less complicated. Tyres are most likely already fitted to rims, meaning that buyers do not have to check to ensure that the tyres fit on the rims. Because of this, width and height of the rim are less important as long as the tyres are correct.


Choosing tyres is usually very easy for anyone who would like the same tyres previously on their vehicle. This is as simple as writing down the code on the side of the tyre and then purchasing the same code again. This is an easy method of replacing tyres and of buying wheel and tyre sets because the tyres and the rims are the right size for the vehicle.

Seasonal Tyres

Seasonal tyres are a type of tyre sold to be used during a specific season. Winter tyres are usually designed to perform better on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow, while summer tyres are designed to perform well in warm and dry conditions. Summer tyres are usually good for use year round although all season tyres are still the best year round tyre to choose.

High Performance Tyres

High performance tyres are any tyres intended to be used at very fast speeds or for driving long distances. High performance tyres are not always sold as part of a wheel and tyre set but might sometimes be available, depending on the seller and whether or not it is possible to select wheels and tyres individually to be purchased as a set. High performance tyres are typically rated as 'H' or 'V' as opposed to the 'p', 's', or 't' typically found on passenger tyres.

New vs. Used Wheel and Tyre Set

Choosing between new and used wheel and tyre sets is a very easy decision for some people but can be more difficult as well. Buyers who are on a budget might prefer to purchase used tyres and rims because they are a great deal more affordable, but it is important to be careful when shopping for used tyres. New tyres benefit from having a longer lifespan, guaranteed quality and condition, thicker tread, and a better cosmetic appearance but are more expensive. Used tyres are more affordable but might be worn, old, and might even not have that many kilometres left in the tyre. For rims, usually a second-hand option is just as good as a new one as long as the rims are not cracked or otherwise damaged.

Buying Wheel and Tyre Sets on eBay

eBay sellers list a great deal of car parts including wheels and tyres in both new and used condition. Buyers can choose to look on eBay to find a deal on tyres or other car parts, to find used tyres, or to simply try to find a great pair of tyres at an affordable price. Whatever the reason, searching for, comparing, and buying a set of wheels and tyres on eBay is very easy for anyone who knows what they are looking for.

All of the information about the wheel and tyre set should be in the listing description. If not, buyers should consider sending the seller a message to ask for additional information. It is also a good idea to check to see if the wheels and tyres can be shipped or if they require pick-up. Finally, comparing the cost and value of multiple sets is usually an easy way to find a great deal on tyres.


Purchasing a wheel and tyre set requires that the buyers have a good idea of what type of tyres they need as well as the basic size to look for. Anyone who is replacing tyres can simply check the wheels and tyres on the vehicle to see what is there and then choose the same type of tyre again. Buyers can also choose to upgrade tyres to higher quality or higher performance, and can choose to upsize the wheel, which can be beneficial to some drivers.

Usually, the most important part about purchasing a wheel and tyre set is to research to find out the correct size and model for the vehicle. Researching prices and comparing different options on eBay or other stores can also help buyers with finding a better deal if they are on a budget. Last but not least, tyres and wheels can be sold as new or used, but choosing between the two is typically a personal decision depending on the quality and exact condition of the tyre.

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