Wheels for your HQ, HJ, HX, HZ or WB Holden

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Want to buy some wheels for your HQ-WB Holden?

eBay is the perfect place to go shopping, but consider these tips before you make that bid:
  • Are the wheels the right width? Some of the 9" and 10" wheels are made for a 1 tonner, and may not fit your car;

  • Considering Commodore wheels? Don't - they fit on the studs, but are the wrong size, and can cause big problems!

  • Check the nuts - do a full set of nuts come with the wheels? Many wheels have different nuts, and the ones you currently have may not fit your new wheels.  Most can be ordered from your tyre dealer and are not too expensive, but you need to factor in the the cost if you are on a budget.

  • Tyres - are they roadworthy? Do they match? If not, there can be some considerable extra expense, especially for the 8" or 9" wide wheels.

  • What width are the front wheels? Do you have power steering? Wide front wheels look great - but if you don't have power steering they can make your life a bit tougher!

  • Wheel caps! The centre of the wheels usually have a dome or cap which fits inside.  If these are missing, then they can cost you over $20 each (if you can find them!).

  • Wheel condition.  If they ad says "surface rust" on chrome wheels, then the chrome plating has been damaged.  Sure, you can get wheels re-chromed, but the check the cost first.

  • Be prepared - some of the old school wheels are hard to get, and fetch good money on eBay - especially if they have nuts and caps included.

  • Check the brand - sometime wheels are advertised as a certain brand (eg "Dragway"), but may actually be another brand.  If you need caps or nuts, you need to make sure you get the right ones!

  • Search smart! Search in the Parts category as well as wheels and tyres. Search for "rims", "wheels" and "mags".  Different sellers use different wording.  Check this guide for more help on searching.
Happy hunting!!

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