When Buying a Coin or Note ( See if you can get 2 )

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I have been collecting Australian pre-decimal coins for over 30 years off & on.

I was told by an Old Mate to always try to get 2 of each

And most Important " Good Qualtiy" .

This paid off after the Australian Pre-Decimal Pennies & Halfpennies started going up.

I sold my 1925 & 1946 Pennies both EF ( made a good profit )

My biggest Bonus was 1923 halfpenny EF ( that sale made me a healthy good profit. )

I then purchased another of each.

I enjoy both Worlds in Collecting & Selling.

It's sort of like a stock market. I sell one make a profit then buy one to replace in the collection.

Want to know something I have never "Lost Money" when I 've sold a Coin !

So I'm passing a tip I learnt long ago. 2 of a kind gives you the opportunity to Buy & Sell.

And I do it Best on Ebay.

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Regards Mike



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