When Should You Replace Your Old Athletic Shoes?

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When Should You Replace Your Old Athletic Shoes?

Athletic shoes will need to be replaced at some point; knowing the right time when to do so can both help maintain sporting performance and save money in the process. For women, different factors can affect this decision.

This guide will attempt to shed some light on the optimum time to purchase a new pair of ladies’ athletic shoes. Choosing where to buy from is also important, as there are various outlets where consumers can acquire a new pair.

eBay is one website where many athletic shoes are listed on a regular basis, meaning that a wide selection and potential deals can often be found.

What Are Athletic Shoes?

For sporting purposes, athletic shoes are designed in a way to make physical exercise more comfortable for the feet and lower legs. Their primary purpose is to help the wearer feel comfortable, stable and protected when moving.

They are referred to as different names in various regions of the world. When searching online for new athletic shoes and in particular on eBay, remember to search different terms. Some of these include:


-  Sand shoes

-  Gym shoes

-  Joggers

-  Running shoes

Sports shoes


Some of the large sporting brands manufacture women’s athletic shoes include Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Lesser known companies also produce trainers aimed at the female market, often at a lower cost for the consumer.

Individual models will claim to provide customers with the most comfortable experience whilst wearing them, although certain shoes will suit some women over others. This is because the shape of feet will differ; two women with the same foot size may not necessarily suit the same shoe. 

How Often Should Athletic Shoes Be Replaced?

There are conflicting answers to the above title. Some people judge the answer to be based on a certain time limit, (for example, six months), whilst others will claim it will depend on the intensity they are used at. The points below will look at some of the points that affect this decision:

How Often Have They Been Used?

Naturally, a more enthusiastic sportswoman will be using their athletic shoes on a regular basis. If this is the chase, trainers are more likely to suffer deterioration either on the outside or inside of the shoe. Grip may also wear on the bottom of the shoe after sustained use, reducing traction.

How Do They Feel?

When placing the foot inside the shoe any discomfort on the heel, toes or foot itself where there previously hadn’t been is an obvious warning sign. The main consideration for wearing athletic shoes should be comfort, so any annoyances, no matter how minor, should be dealt with.

What Is Their Current Appearance?

The most conspicuous sign that athletic shoes need replacing will be in the appearance of the exterior. Looking the part is an important aspect for some women, so any marks, scratches, rips or even obvious holes in the shoe should be an obvious indication that they should be changed.

Are Regular Injuries Occurring?

If injuries to the lower body are occurring after exercise whilst wearing the currently owned footwear, it may be the design of the trainers causing the distress. If the shoes are not providing the required protection and support then even small niggling injuries can transpire and sometimes even lead into a larger problem.

What Sport is Regularly Played?

Basic running or walking shoes may last longer than footwear designed for more strenuous sports, such as basketball or squash. The more rigid stride pattern of running in straight lines will cause less stress to the shoes than the quick turns, jumps and sprints of more athletic activities. 

Useful Buying Tips

Below are a few simple tips to be considered to ensure the most favourable time to replace athletic shoes:

· Mark out the date when the shoes were purchased and subsequently first worn. This is something easily forgotten by most people; months and even years can pass without a thought being taken about how old their trainers actually are.

· If running or walking then consider the mileage that is being undertaken. Make a rough note of this also, keeping a running tally. Many experts believe that athletic shoes should be replaced after completing 300-400 miles. This can differ down to personal discretion, however.

· Buying different types of athletic shoes can be highly beneficial, not only because they are tailored to suit individual activities, but also because they can save money in the long run. For example, owning a pair of shoes for running and a separate pair for playing tennis will produce more longevity for each one.

· Replacing athletic shoes on a regular basis can be avoided, however, if proper care is taken over them. Cleaning them on a regular basis, including the inside and laces, can preserve them for longer. Also, investing in additional or replacement insoles can add to the comfort of performing physical activity.

· Perhaps the most useful way to know if the current athletic shoes need replacing is to try out a new pair. If an obvious difference is apparent and the foot feels more comfortable inside the new shoe, then look into making the purchase.

This can be done in shoe shops on the high street, although the potential choice found online will be missed out along with any attractive deals. One tip is to visit sports shops, try on different trainers and then check online to see if they can be found for less.

Buying Women’s Athletic Shoes on eBay

One website which can usually guarantee a lower price than many other outlets is eBay, especially if taking advantage of the auction buying facility on the site. Pre-owned items too are generally less expensive than new products, as people look to secure a guaranteed sale.

To bring up all the women’s athletic shoes on the site, enter the ‘Women’s Shoes’ category from the ‘Fashion’ section of the site. From the left-hand side of the page, choose the ‘Athletic’ link.

Here, thousands of listed relevant sports shoes will appear, which can be narrowed down by typing in specific terms or using the refinements menu.

Decide between the desired shoe size, brand, colour and condition, as well as the price range. It is important to stick to the set budget, so bringing up results for under $50 for example can be highly advantageous.

Clicking on an individual listing will bring up its specific details; review these closely before committing to buy. Using PayPal as the payment is recommended. If anything is unclear about the process then either contact the seller or eBay for further advice.

If concerned about overspending then look at the ‘eBay Deals’ area of the site. This is where eBay lists special offers, with big reductions on their sale price. Look into the ‘Women’s Footwear’ section and the ‘Casual Shoes’ area in particular to see if any deals can be found.


Replacing athletic shoes is an individual deliberation. Some women are more active than others, running for longer distances or playing sport numerous times a week, meaning footwear will need to be changed at different occasions.

Buying athletic shoes for separate purposes can actually preserve their condition, as they will be used less. Check out the various styles of footwear on the market and also be aware that eBay offers some potential savings on the purchase.

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