When buying from China

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Things to understand when buying from China

Your package WILL almost always take longer than you hoped to arrive!
This is NOT the fault of the seller.  And as if it didn't take long enough before, now the Chinese government has made a decision that ALL international packages be run through an X-ray before they can be processed. So PLEASE, have patience and trust, these are not huge corporations. These are little people, sometimes working out of the tiny room that they live in, especially if you are buying beads or a small item.
Lucky YOU! You just scored, and only paid a penny AND free shipping!
Understand that the true price is a positive 5 star feedback rating. This costs you nothing, and it is extremely important to the seller. In fact, it has cost the seller to ship this item so in reality, they have lost income in the hope of building up their numbers. Unless the seller is arrogant or ignores you, there is really never a need to leave negative or even neutral feedback.
LOOK at what you are buying and read the description!
I shouldn't have to say this. But I see so many negative feedback comments that are really the fault of the buyer. In clothing an XL is really a medium by western sizing. And usually you get what you've paid for. Don't expect designer quality for pennies on the dollar!  And because YOU can see the difference does not mean that the seller is trying to fool you. What is high quality in one country is low quality in another. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the whole world has the same as you do! As an American living in Australia, I was in shock when I first arrived at the lack of variety, and the high prices! 
Understand cultural differences!
Patience, and trust are most highly valued in China. The Chinese for the most part are honest and honorable people. They work VERY hard to earn your trust and customer satisfaction is often of much higher importance than money. Kind of the opposite of our western culture!  Try to understand how you would feel if you were trying to make a life, dealing with people that do not trust you, in a language SO different to your own, that you are for the most part blind!   These people have earned my respect in many ways. I wish the world could learn business practice from the Chinese, because I know we would all be much happier, and it is my deepest hope that they do not abandon their beautiful culture and adopt western attitudes, but rather that we, learn from them, try to understand their situation, and not assume that they are being deceitful simply because we are looking at the situation from a different perspective.

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