When speaking fashion, Never forget Authenticity

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When initially creating my eBay account, or any other of my online shopping accounts for that matter, i had one thing in mind, the idea that buying online equals cheaper objects. Id be lying if i said, each one of my t-shirts, and pants are 100% authentic and genuine. As my online shopping addiction grew, i started wondering as to why some of these clothes, these objects worth hundreds at shops, and at original retail, are so cheap online. It was then i started to notice the clear and utter distinguishments between fake and real items. During this time, my two best friends were the zoom button and Trusted review websites. From that moment till this day, its fair to say I pay much attention to detail, and only commit to buying a certain item, whether online or in-store, if i have personally viewed and analysed the item in a tremendous way. I like to speak my mind, and im pretty certain that i speak for all clothes, bags, and denim addicts out there, when I say, I would rather spend $200 on a nice, genuine and authentic pair of levi's,  then to purchase a knock-off costing more than half that price. Yes it may look the same, and quite frankly I highly agree that without someone holding a magnifying glass up to your jeans, bag, or even watch, and observing the quality, they wont know the difference between an original and a cheap knock-off. So why pay so much for an original, when you can buy a fake for much much cheaper, i am often asked. One pays for quality, and decency, i reply, anybody can buy a old nissan car, for example, and stick a mercedes benz logo onto it, this doesnt necessarily make it a mercedes, does it. Much like a car, would you buy for an item that will wear off in the near future, or would you buy an item, which you can wear for long as you like, with pride.

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