When things are not what you exspected 'stop & think'

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Its happened at one time or another that we recieve an item we bought and its a little small or a little too big, wrong colour to what we thought or just darn right wrong. Usually the first thing is send it back but think first before you do..... its cost you to receive it in postage and for sure you loose again sending it back with postage which can total from $10.00 to $20.00 this is where you have to stop and think...RELIST IT !
Sometimes you can redeem all your costs and more, sellers don't mind recieving goods back but you loose in cost of postage in the end.
So think first  ' do i want to  win or loose'  Remember  'stop & think' personally myself i don't send back i relist, there is always someone out there who likes the item more than you. plus if its a breakable item always ,always pack it tightly with plenty of protective packing so it doesn't arrive broken, think of what you'd feel like receiving it broken.If you've packed well you should be able to drop the boxed item with confidence it hasn't shattered. i have sent a coffee maker, amplifier & vcr in the post to arrive in perfect condition through taking that little bit of extra care with plenty of packing ( charge that little bit extra to cover packing material and box for posting on top of postal charge) you can't go wrong.
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