When to bid and to stop bidding.

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We all fall into the trap of seeing something we want and end up paying more than what we had in mind. To put it simple and to the point, it doesn't matter at what stage you place your bid on an item or items, you need to say to yourself, "this is how much i am prepared to pay." Place your bid and walk away. Too many people become attached to an item they see at auction and before they know it have paid more for the item than what they really wanted. If you are only willing to pay $10.00 for an item place your bid at $10.00 and see what happens. It is easy to think, i will bid $10.00 and find you have been outbid on an item, and think to yourself i will try $20.00, but before you know it, you have probably won an item for 3 times the amount you were originally wanting to pay for. Also have a look at ebay stores, you would be surprised what you find and at what prices.
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