When you have been naughty more than once...

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That wasn't so bad was it! After the first shock of seeing your post disappear and getting correspondence which makes your cheeks pink, you have vowed to be more careful in future

but unfortunately..... Oops!
                             .... again...and again...and again.

You are now NARP!!! (Not A Registered Poster)

There is no prescribed number of slaps which will lead to suspension from the boards.
One can do it. During this time you cannot access the boards.

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Error: you do not have permission to view the requested forum or category.

Suspension periods generally start at 7 days for a first offence, maybe 7 days, a few more times for further offences, then 30 days.

You realise you are developing almost a personal relationship with Shaggy, Willow, Minty or whoever has taken you under their wing to assist you in your ebay chatboard usage.... but just at the point where you are going to ask for their phone number:

Recently we became aware that your eBay registered account was involved in the
following activity:
Posting material containing profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, disruptive or hostile
comments, interpersonal disputes or threats of violence. (This includes masking
profanity, name-calling and rude behaviour).  For clarification of this policy, please visit
this page: http://forums.ebay.com.au/thread.jspa?threadID=100076607&tstart=0
Please be aware that you were warned previously that this sort of behaviour would result
in the suspension of your posting privileges. Since you declined to follow staff instruction
in this matter, I regret to inform you that your posting privileges have been suspended
Further violations of our policies will result in the full site suspension of this User ID and
all associated User IDs. During a sanction you are not permitted to use eBay's boards or
groups in any way.   Registering a new ID or using another ID whilst under this
suspension is strictly prohibited and failure to comply with this request will also result in a
suspension of your buying and selling privileges.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to read our Board Usage Policy: http://
eBay Moderation Team

                                                                     Rejection is a hurtful thing and it is a lonely life away from the keyboard.

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