Where Are Our Items Sourced From ?

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We do get asked from time to time where are our items sourced from

We do get the occasional customer (mostly overseas customers) thinking because we’re an Australian based company that all the items we sell are made in Australia.

The truth is that there is virtually no jewellery made in Australia anymore, nor has there been for quite some time. As most Australian know; almost nothing is made in Australia anymore due to comparatively high labour costs. This is even true of the big jewellery store chains who source virtually everything they sell from Thailand & China (in that order) except high quality diamonds that are from diamond cutters in India

So we spend a lot of time trying to find the most reliable suppliers from around the world and have what we feel now are a very good set of supplier able to supply anything that the regular jewellery store can supply at what are seemingly bargain prices in comparison

A quick list follows (which is aboit 95% comprehensive, there are just a few minor exceptions to this list) :

-  Most Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and other Gemstone based Jewellery (Set in Either Silver and Gold) – Thailand (except Green Amethyst and Black Sapphire based items – China via an agent in Hong Kong)

-  Most Cocktail Rings we have are sourced from China via a Hong Kong agent

-  Diamond Solitaire Sized Stones in all colours (except Champagne and Cognac colour) – Namibia via cutters in India

-  Diamond Solitaire Sized Stones in Champagne and Cognac colour – Australia

-  14K Solid Gold Solitaire Settings – USA

-  9K, 10K, 14K & 18K Multi Stone Solid Gold Settings – Thailand

-  Our Repair work is sent to Thailand

-  We do some setting work only in Australia

We have found our current set of suppliers very reliable and to be honest which is why we continue to deal with them



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