Where are our item sourced from ?

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We've had experiences with some buyers in the past who expect that because we're an Australian company, that all the items we sell are from Australia.

I have to say this expectation has been amongst overseas buyers generally, because Australians mostly know that virtually nothing is made here anymore due to labour costs

Just to make things clear I have produced a summary list (not 100% comprehensive, but is 95% + comprehensive) to avoid any confusion as to where we source our items from:

Loose Gemstones:
Diamonds - Namibia, Australia --- (Stones cut in India as 99% of the world's diamonds are)
Rubies - Madagascar, few from Thailand
Sapphires - Thailand, Sri Lanka, few from Australia
Emeralds - Columbia, few from Thailand
Tanzanites - Tanzania; C Block only (this is the only Tanzanite mine that has been operating in the past 10 years - so all those advertising D-Block - it's not likely)
Danburite - USA, Mexico
Opal - Mexico, Brazil


Freshwater Pearls - China (nearly all are these days)
Saltwater Pearls - Lombok Indonesia

Empty Gold Ring Settings: Thailand, USA --- we do some setting in Australia about 55% of what we sell

Made Complete Cocktail Rings : Thailand, China, Hong Kong, USA

Silver Jewellery: Thailand, India

Hope this clears up any possible confusion or incorrect expectation ? There are a few exceptions from time to time but as I said this is 95%+ correct at any point in time

We have a range of items at NRS-Diamonds & are constantly updating our stocks (http://stores.ebay.com.au/NRS-GEMS-and-DIAMONDS)

And just in case you’re not happy with your purchase we offer refunds as detailed in our eBay advertising & we’re always happy to provide advise.

We want happy customers who think so much of us that they come back time & time again!



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