Where is CHICAGO and what is special from there???

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CHICAGO...United states of AMERICA...2008 is today the unfortunate home of yet another mass shooting in a public place...as yet by an unknown man with a gun...as part of america's first ammendment they want the right to bear arms and then wonder why thing's like this keep happening???I personally HATE GUN's so much that I won't let my four children even play with one(except the odd water-pistol,as ausi has strict water restriction's in place at the moment as water supply is currently very low all over AUSTRALIA,it is the countries only major infra-structure problem at the moment...closely followed by the TRAINS!!!then ROAD's like every other city I think...then people vs cars vs shop's vs park's within the CITY...I haven't been to CHICAGO but both my parent's have and it look's BEAUTIFUL in the photo's I saw plus they got real "CHICAGO BULL's" merchandise,that was really something!!!my DAD made it special by saying how expensive it was but he didn't need to you could already tell...It looked like quality and it felt like quality...one of the CUTEST ITEM's in the world I have seen for baby boy's come's from here...The CHICAGO BULL's range for both BABIES and CHILDREN's clothing range is very american and destingective(p.s. from JT...from my own personal experience with washing their baby stretch "n" grow suit's,that I looked after it,mainly keep it to wear out for special occassion's parties,event's etc...which usually drew attention to the suit atleast once during a day of shopping plus they handle being washed really well and lasted me for atleast two BOY's and I still have it...It is now 10years old...ONE DAY I'd like to go there and get it signed!!!there today,killed in this senseless and currently motiveless crime...if you are in australia and in CHICAGO...think about buying CHICAGO BULL's merchandise on ebay in some legal form especially overseas and getting as much signed as you can if you live there...if doesn't matter what it is have a pen or texta with you 24/7...if you find a star and only have a permanent marker with get your t-shirt signed!!!esp across the back,great way for women to get signiture's,get your jean's signed especially as jean's are a fashion icon and a status symbol of the modern day...there development is widely known and documented...I personally lived thru the end of flare's,then flare's in the 80's but I remember the introduction of jeans in New Zealand...It was to become very popular first with men on farm's etc as they were very hard wearing...especially BRAND's like "LEVI's"...Lastly what you should alway's have on these day's if your out in the sun is a hat,get that signed esp...cap's which are a collectable item past and present...plenty of area's for growth within your own ebay...you never know the DAY you see one etc...TRY to utilise what you should already own if your interested in photography and becoming one etc...or just want to photograph celeb's...TIP...MOST USEFUL to remember alway's is your phone!!!BUT I don't mean for calling out but as a recording device...it can store the written word and thougth's in note's...there you can at the time add date's and names plus location for later...save's you having to write it down if you can't remember it all or have no paper...then you have the ability to take still photo's with your phone but remember the best tip...is to have it set to silent when you are using it to get a scoup or gather evidence...that noise could be your downfall!!!TRUST me!!!not only do most cell-phone's now have that...they also have VIDEO...plus these image's themself can get sent around the world,back to your friend's at home to produce or to your employer as a job...eitherway it's either FUN or IMPORTANT...try to imagine what it's like to be a celebrity and start to give them back there own personal spaces...especially to raise there families which is hard enough without the added pressure of fame!!!In 2008 I think MADONNA has transformed herself from appearing naked with a man and women in a book in the 80's too one of the richest earning FEMALE singer's in the world...I admire her as a mother myself and artist...I hope this bit of SPICE!!!take's the focus off "BRITNEY SPEAR's for a while I personally think enough's enough,stop publishing it and she will stop doing it???"!!!recomendation's for ebayer's...CHICAGO BULL"S MERCHANDISE TO AN INTERESTED OVERSEAS MARKET can create job's within that industry...esp. for your home town!!!BASEBALL CARD's of AMERICAN PLAYER"s have alway's and alway's will be collectable...PLUS "DISNEY" MOVIE CARD"S in particular but also all good and memorable movie's are collectable...POOH is and alway's will be valuable and collectable,he is also linked to the humble TEDDY BEAR which is strangely VERY HIGHLY COLLECTABLE from the right artist especially for NEW BEAR's and OLD BEAR's any age any condition but the older the better and the better it is made in fur quality and the joint's used in lt's limb's are important feature's of these item's which contribute's to how much they are worth and wether they will increase in vale or not!!!ONE of my prize EBAY purchases is a poor winnie the pooh toy who is CUTE and SPECIAL to me...the all I have done with him...is open the top of his box,pat his head,close it and put it on my highest shelf and the kid's have to ask permission just to look and aren't allowed too touch it at all...I will try to post a photo it's so CUTE and you will see why...if you are collecting something as an investment,learn about arciving and how to protect your collection from the negative effect's of time,one solution for paper and printed photo's is for valuable item's only start to use "ACID-FREE"...I collected and still have the original "E.T."movie and STAR WARS...they were my favourite toy's as alittle girl and I had forgotten that,as I now collect "DORA" and "WINNIE the POOH"???but that's enough about me,joannes_art...new home of the collectable,original and BIZZARR...I will be added to this guide until it's full all the fact's about CHICAGO that I learn...
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