Where to find Genuine Wholesalers or Manufacturers

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This is a big question amongst sellers... if you are looking at sourcing products and you have no idea where to get them from, you will need to get  creative. Genuine wholesalers and manufacturers do not normally advertise themselves to the general public. Below are a few ways you can find them:
1. Look in the Yellow-pages. Choose a product and write wholesaler next to it. Company names will flash up and you can contact them to see what prices they will sell to you.

2. There are certain companies/websites that charge you a one off fee and they give you access to genuine manufacturers and wholesalers! A couple of them are World Wide Brands and Salehoo. Salehoo is more affordable and I have used suppliers that were promoted. The great thing with this company is that they also have a  feedback and rating system. If you find that company is fantastic and reliable you can leave a rating that lets other sellers know that they are great.

3. Approach retail stores that sell products you want and ask them for their head office number. Let them know you would like to stock some of their products in your "online store". I do not always say eBay as some people may turn their noses down and think you are kidding. Now be prepared for some people to snub you off, but when you find some good stores who are willing to cooperate with you, it will be all worth it!

4. DO NOT look up Google for these guys as you will find many middlemen pretending and disguising themselves as wholesalers and manufacturers. They would be buying direct from the manufacturers and marking up their prices before selling to you.

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