Whether to Wash Them & How to Wash Them

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Do you wash fresh fruit lik strawberry correctly? Do you wash your new cloths correctly? You may said, oh, that's easy! But...Really?

Lots of people love strawberry because it is beautiful, delicious and ideal to make various desserts. However, did you wash strawberry in a correct way? I am afraid most of you did not, and even never ever wash the strawberry they just bought from market and ate them directly.  Keep having foods on where pesticide remains would affect your brain, heart, and other organ and their functions. So you should really concern if your strawberries are clean before eating them.

Most of people wash strawberry in the way pick off its leaves and cut off the 'head' of it first, and then soak in the water. Do you know what will happen next? The left pesticide will flow into the heart of strawberry with the water. It leads to more pollution!

The correct way of washing strawberries is, leave the 'head' still on the them and immerge them into water for about 15 minuts. Thus most of pesticide could be dissolved by water. Next,  you could pick off leaves and 'heads' followed by immerge them into brine. 5 minuts later, wash them again with water. Do not rub strawberries by your hand. Do not use any disinfector.

Finally, of course, enjoy your strawberries.


People always directly put on their new cloths after wipe the wrapper off, or some of them may wash it with water. Did you ever aware of a peculiar smell on the new cloths? That is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes chogh, lachrymation, eyesight decay and so on, and the most serious, it may leads to cancer. How to wash it away? The answer is brine. Yes. brine could not only be used to wash strawberry, pineapple kinds of fruit, it could also be used to wash your cloths. Sounds magically? Actually, brine is a good disinfector, moreover, it's safe. For cloths, brine could also protect it from dipigmentation. So don't forget to wash your new cloths by using brine. It is a must-do work for you health.

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