Which 360 is for me?

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Which Xbox Console for Me

Many people ask this question when buying their first Xbox 360

There are 3 main options when buying a 360.
The first is the Arcade.

The arcade comes with 1 controller and a standard AV cable to plug into the TV. A memory card is also included with only 256 meg on it.
Depending on where you shop, you get different games with your arcade console. Only arcade though, no disk games.
The  Arcade would be a good option for new parents with younger kids, because of the simple games it comes with. Not suitable for disk games, or Xbox Live because of limited memory.

The second option is the Pro Console.

This option is for Gamers with disk games, not really into Xbox live and stick with a few games only. Comes with a 20 gig HDD
This Xbox will be able to play original Xbox games, which you need the HDD for.
This console is great for beginner gamers
A popular idea is to start with this pack and get a bigger HDD when you get more and more games and get into Xbox Live
Comes with: 1 Controller, 20 gig HDD, a headset, an Ethernet cable (for Xbox Live) and a Standard / HD AV cord

Option Number 3: The elite console
Is basically the same as the pro, but comes with an extra 120 gig HDD, and a HDMI AV Cable. All of the items are also in black, unlike the other two options, which are white.
Made for serious gamers who actively use Xbox live and need space for downloadable content.
The elite console is what I myself personally bought, and I'm finding it great.

Please note that bigger HDDs are available than what comes with the console, and you can get a hardravie and plug it into the top of an arcade console.
All consoles come with free unlimited Xbox Live Silver Subscriptions, which lets you download content. You need to buy Xbox live Gold to play multiplayer games
All controllers with the console are wireless

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