Which Pure Sine Wave Inverters Are the Best for Me?

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How Do I Know Which Pure Sine Wave Inverters Are the Best for Me?

Pure sine wave inverters provide reliable mobile power solutions for those who need to operate electrical appliances, power tools, and electronic gadgets on the go. But if you're going to purchase an inverter, how do you determine which inverter is the right one for you? For first-time buyers, here's a quick guide to help you determine the inverter that can fulfil your needs.

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Key Considerations to Make When Buying an Inverter

1. Inverter Type
There are two common types of inverters sold today: pure sine wave and modified sine wave. While modified sine wave inverters are known to be much cheaper, they are not as energy efficient and reliable as pure sine wave inverters. On the other hand, pure sine wave inverters are compatible with many electrical devices, including computers, and they are better at preventing appliances from overheating easily.
2. Inverter Size
Power inverters sold today come in different sizes or power capacity. Some inverters have a power capacity of 300 watts, while other can produce power output as high as 10,000 watts. To determine the size of the inverter you'll need, you have to consider the type of appliances or power tools you'd like to use with the inverter. Check the label of the appliances for their power rating or wattage. Remember that the amount of power output you'll require will ultimately depend on the total draw of the appliances you will use.
3. Input Voltage
You should determine the type of vehicle you're planning to install the inverter in so you can identify the correct input voltage for your inverter. Cars and other smaller vehicles are compatible with 12v inverters pure sine wave. On the other hand, trucks, bus, vans, and other larger vehicles are compatible with 24v inverters.
4. Safety Features
Another key consideration to make is the safety features the inverter is offering. Whether you are planning to buy a 12v or 24v inverter, your safety should always be your priority. For example, an inverter that automatically shuts down once a certain level of internal temperature is achieved is considered a good buy as it helps prevent damage to both your vehicle and your device when the inverter overheats. Before buying, therefore, make sure that you check the inverter's safety features to ensure that you, your car, and your electronic appliances are protected when using the device.
5. C-Tick Mark
When buying an inverter, make sure that it has a C-Tick mark. The C-Tick mark indicates that the device is approved by Australian safety and industry regulators. It is also proof that the inverter complies with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements imposed by the Australian Communications Media Authority or ACMA
Do you have questions, comments, or enquiries about our inverters 24v and 12v? Feel free to contact us anytime. All of us here at Elinz Electronics are more than happy to provide you with the assistance you require.

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