Which towable ski tube is right for me?

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Which towable ski tube is right for me?

This really depends on your rider(s), your boat and personal taste. Let's look at the rider(s) first. Obviously, you'll need to choose a towable ski tube made for the number of riders you have. Don't buy a Monte Carlo if you have only one rider. Another important consideration is the age of your rider(s). Some ski tubes ride more stable than others. Younger riders may feel less anxious on a more stable ski tube like the Sling Shot or the Battle Chariot recumbent towable. Older, more daring riders may prefer a wilder ride on the 2 Extreme or the RPM. Of course the speed of the boat can change the ride of a ski tube too. If you have smaller, younger riders you'll want to slow down for them. Know your rider(s) and the type of ride he and/or she likes.

Personal taste can play a sizable role in your decision as well. There are many towables that provide a similar ride. Graphics, shape and design can play a large role in your decision. There are many choices when selecting a boat towable, all considerations being equal, it just might come down to which one you think looks great behind your boat. All towables can provide years of fun for the right situation, from crazy new designs to the old standby round ski tubes.

When it comes to your boat, think practical. The larger the towable, the more power you will need to pull it and provide a fun ride. You can pull a Monte Carlo with a 100 HP motor, but with four adults hanging on, you may have some trouble providing a fun ride and getting them outside the wake. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and be safe!


Towable Ski Tube Care and Maintenance

So you recently bought your first ski tube, or maybe you've owned several before and just haven't paid attention to care and maintenance. There's really not much to the care and maintenance of your tube, but proper care and maintenance may just extend the life of your ski tube.

Proper Inflation

First and foremost in care and maintenance is proper inflation. Your tube will come with inflation instructions, follow those instructions carefully. If your ski tube is not properly inflated during use, it will place added stress on the tube cover by allowing water to collect between the cover and PVC bladder. If your tube is over-inflated, it will place excessive stress on the bladder. Further, an over-inflated ski tube left in the sun will likely result in the tube bladder becoming misshaped. PVC has no "memory", so the tube won't return to its original shape. Misshaped tubes may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms; hard to tow, erratic behavior, may "submarine" when being pulled behind the boat.

Cleaning Your Tube

Ski tubes get dirty. You can clean your tube with soap and water or a mild detergent. Simply use a soapy bucket of water and a sponge to gently wash away the dirt. Then rinse the tube clean with a garden hose. Do not use strong cleaning agents on the nylon cover of your ski tube. These may cause damage to the fabric or fading.

Proper Storage

Proper storage of your towable is important as well. Before storing your ski tube, make sure it is completely dry. Tubes are easiest to dry when inflated. You may also dry a deflated tube by draping it over a clothes line or similar structure. Do not fold and store a ski tube that is wet. This will result in the growth of mold or mildew that may stain your tubes cover permanently.

At the end of the season, make sure your ski tube dries completely and store it in a cool dry area. Make sure to take precautions against rodents and vermin.

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