Wholesale Lists Exposed!

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Welcome to my first eBay guide, Wholesale Lists Exposed! In this guide you will find out the truth about wholesale lists and what to look out for when considering purchase of a list. First off let me start by saying that there is a variety of different wholesale list on eBay, eBay is literally flooded with wholesale lists (especially the US eBay site) so how does one know what is good or rubbish? The quality of a list varies, so how do you avoid being ripped off by dodgy seller out to just make a quick buck? Below is a comprehensive guide divided into different categories exposing wholesale lists on eBay to help you make a decision...

FEEDBACK - Always check the sellers feedback, feedback is the best way to determine the legitimacy of a seller, go through and check the feedback and don't just look at the number next to the sellers name. Take note of any negative and neutral comments. Your second step is to check the about me page as this will give another indication of a sellers legitimacy, a legit seller will usually have a well presented about me page outlining what they do on eBay and how long they have been around.

AUCTION DESIGN - When searching for a wholesale list, be sure to take note of the auction design, does the auction look like a dodgy auction that is very sloppy looking that a 10 year old kid could have put together with lots of capital letters used, phrases like "Buy now and make $100,000 buy the end of the year", unaligned text ect... Or does the auction look professional with aligned text; pictures placed in appropriate sections, good grammar and punctuation and not full of hype.

CATEGORIES - Does the auction list several different categories of products that are for sale? This is a breach of eBay’s cross category ruling and people who do this are generally people who don't know any of eBay’s policies and are in for it to make a quick buck from you, these auctions will get pulled from eBay soon after being list and are usually the very bad ones.

ABN - Does the listing state that you don't need an ABN (Australian Business Number) to buy from the wholesalers? Be careful about these sellers as I will tell you now that this is rubbish and you do need an ABN to buy from wholesalers. A genuine wholesaler will not deal with you unless you have an ABN; to obtain an ABN all that you need to do is go to the Australian Business Register website and you will have one 10 minutes later, it's only a few questions to be answered and then one is generated for you automatically. If you don't require a ABN to buy from a "so called" wholesaler the company is not a real wholesaler and most likely a discount business that buys in bulk and resells just like a typical retailer, but with cheaper prices.

PRICE - The price of the wholesale list is also no real guide to quality, I have personally been in touch with people who have bough wholesale lists for $50 off eBay and asked them how it compared to the $10 one they bought, I have had a variety of responses indicating that there is no difference. Again it just comes down to the sellers feedback, auction design, is an ABN needed? ect... You should be the judge of which wholesale list you wish to purchase but as a general rule you get what you pay for if you buy a $1 wholesale list (there is a difference between buy it now and auctions also, you will get way you pay for with a $1 buy it now wholesale list but an auction could start at $1 and only get 1 bid where as every other time the list sells for $10 or the seller sells the list as buy it now for $10 and uses auctions for a bit of variety). In the end use you good judgment.

UPDATES - Does the wholesale list provide you with regular updates after you have made the original purchase? If not then I would be very cautious as the information you are purchasing could already be a few years old with several dead links. Business contact details change all of the time, if you purchase a wholesale list with that will provide no updates you are potentially missing out on a huge list of new wholesaler who will emerge into the business.

BONUS EBOOKS - Many lists come with bonus eBooks, although these eBooks may contain some useful information and are worth looking at I can guarantee you won't be able to sell them for the price that is stated buy some sellers. Many of the eBooks you see on eBay are years old these days and contain old information. The resell prices that some sellers state are impossible to achieve in sales, if you run a search on the titles of the bonus eBooks provide you will find that they usually sell for $0.99 or a few cents more.

QUANTITY- Some lists claim to have 1, 1.5 or 2 million products available form the wholesalers on their lists. I wonder did that seller go through every single wholesaler on their list and go right through their product list and count out each product individually from each wholesaler making sure that they didn't double up on a single product? I highly doubt it, so how would the seller know how many products are available? Real answer is they don't have a clue and it is better to know how many wholesale contact details are on the list then the fake count of products available.

AUSTRALIAN - If you are chasing an Australian wholesale list be sure to check with the seller if the list is for wholesalers in Australia as there are a lot of lists out there that a loaded with international contacts and a few Australian wholesalers and that's it.

ELECTRONICS - If you are after an electronics wholesale list be sure to email the seller before purchasing the list and ask if the list actually contains suppliers of electronics such as LCD monitors, TV's, DVD players, game consoles, computer equipment, cameras ect... as I can tell you now that I have done my research and spoke with people who have purchased electronics wholesale lists off sellers and all they got were a bunch of suppliers for components, yes that's correct no typo, components! Not proper electronics wholesalers that provide equipment. Rest assured that my electronics wholesale list contains what it advertises, electronic equipment such as LCD monitors, TV's, DVD players, game consoles, computer equipment, cameras.

DROP SHIPPING - Be careful of anyone who is selling a list with Australian drop shippers as this is just straight out BS. Drop shipping in Australia is almost unheard of and not like American drop shipping, any seller who knows what they are talking about will know this. It is almost impossible to make a living off eBay Australia selling products drop shipped from Australian drop shippers as the market is flooded in America so all wholesaler must lower prices and provide a drop shipping service, in Australia the market is not flooded and there are practically no drop shippers available.

I hope this guide has educated you enough to go out and make a more educated decision in regards to which wholesale list you will purchase off eBay. If you take a look at my wholesale list auctions you will see that all of this information corresponds with my wholesale list auctions, you can check out my About Me page to find out more information. If you buy my wholesale lists you will be provided with genuine wholesale lists that are the best seller on eBay, good luck with your soon to be business or current business that you are expanding...

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