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Hello, Ok so we all are trying to make a few bucks here and there on eBay, Merchanting is one of the most popular things on eBay, That is Sellers buying from wholesales than sell on here to make a reasonable amout of profit, So to those powersellers already got a good relation, Congratulations on a successful business on eBay, But other that don't quite see the whole picture of wholesales, Who is legit and not, Well here is a few tip, These powersellers maybe did business in real life, Not over the internet, So basically can't get scammed there, So here is a few tips


1 -  Don't buy off WholeSale websites OR if you do, Research the site through a public forum like eBay, Since we are all on the same level, Someone out of the 6 million members may know something about this "Company"

2 - Never just buy wholesale items and pay for them, Make sure you send a few emails, See if the site Webmasters are active, See if thay reply to your email in a 2-3 day period, If thay don't it means no one else is email, meaning No one is doing buisness with them because thay would email straight away because of the high volume of emails.

3 - Always use a safe and protected method for your sake, Like PayPal... Has buyers protection ect...


So use these tips and a sence of mind and you sha'll be a seccessful Seller on eBay... iExona Auctions.

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