Why Am I Even Here?

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Ever wondered, WHY AM I EVEN HERE?

Have you ever wondered why you are here? I have. To which I found out exactly why I am here and can share with you first hand the answers that mankind has been searching for, for decades. Maybe you think "yes, I've heard this all before". Well not by far do we even begin to understand why we are here without consulting the Word of God, the Bible.

 I want to share God with you, like you've never known or experienced ever before and that of which has changed my life. I want to be so bold as to declare that I have experienced God, first hand in my life and that you too can know (the one true living), God first hand as well.

The hardest part I guess is where do I start with this.

There is a God( the only One), and if you're wondering where He is- I would say to you "He is inside you". What would you say? The most common ones are " what the...?" or, "I beg your pardon". Everyone finds this so hard to believe and why wouldn't you- given the fact that all your life you 've been told otherwise. Of course you would believe that the world is round because someone who has travelled the world says that it is, so you believe it. And unless you checked it out for yourself, you would never really know. Thats what my challenge is to you, for you to check it out for yourself and see if according to it(God's word), and following God's principles you won't be blessed beyond your imagination.


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