Why Buy a Vibration Machine

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Why Buy a Vibration Machine?

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People who buy machines for us continually tell us how suprised at how quickly they feel so good and it's no wonder.

People have been using vibration exercise for centuries and we use it today unconsiously. Witch Doctors would shake people or dance. Mothers rocks and gently bounce their upset babies. Lots of people bounce their knees or drum our fingers when stressed or nervous. Have you noticed the affect Drumming bands (african, south american), music, and dancing has on your body?

Healing is a very individual experience but the major benefits you can expect to get from Vibration exercise are:

Physical Benefits-  it moves your entire body, promoting cardiovascular fitness, improves circulation and better strength and flexiblity. It reduces stress and increases relaxation. It stimulates the body's innate healing ability.

Mental Benefits- it helps you shake of burdensome emotions. Your mind becomes clearer. You become more confident, more creative.

If you are feeling stressed and burnt out you may feel it is because you have too much to do. Burnout comes from the inablity to manage energy and not from having too much to do. We are constantly thinking our bodies are in a constant state of alert giving us no time or not enough time to repaire and recouperate. Keeping us in a state of imbalance causing disease.

The purpose of Vibration Training is to open up your energy system for the body to heal itself. Mentally and Physically. All you need to do are simple moves that puts you in a mediative state allowing your subconcious and conscious mind to communicate and heal itself.

As you begin Vibration Training you need to do so with a very specific and postive intent. Without this the action is only shaking, which might provide temporary relaxation but will not be permanent. Vibration training is about getting connected. Allow your brain to reconnect to your body, let go of everything. From this place you can begin to re-create yourself and the life you really want to live.

The best way to understand of course is to experience it. We sell quality machines and offer exceptional service. Check out our listings and store at ASDVentures Ebay Store

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