Why Buyers Should use Checkout

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O.K, this is for all you buyers out there who AREN"T sellers.

This is information that you don't really think about until you become a seller and hey, I was a buyer for years before I became a seller so this is not  a gripe guide but to give you some inside information!!.

Sellers have a My Ebay Summary  which list all their active auctions  and their SOLD items..

Now in the SOLD summary it lists

1. The winning bidder

2. The winning bid amount

The SELLER sends  invoice details via the checkout system giving TOTAL  payment due.

Now, when the BUYER then goes into Pay Now, they go through a series of windows choosing the method by which they are going to pay for the item, if you are using bank deposit you do not have to have paid for the item all you are doing is notifying the seller WHICH method you will be using to pay. If you use paypal it is instant and an icon appears to notify the seller the item has been paid for.


If a buyer doesn't complete checkout then a buyers payment may appear in a bank account that the seller then has chase where that total belongs, especially if the buyer leaves their REAL name as opposed to their user name as a reference ID.

A Buyers real name  DOES NOT appear in a sellers ebay summary, only in the order details in another window.

If you can't leave your user ID as reference then the item number is the next best thing.

If you want insurance added to your postage then you have to notify the seller.

I had one instance where a buyer deposited an amount into my account but

1. Did not complete checkout

2. Added insurance onto their total

3. Used their real name as ref.

4.. Did not email to tell me the above

That Buyer waited a very long time to get their item. Why, because I was looking for an amount from them for $2.50 less and I had another item sold for exactly the amount they had deposited.

Remember some sellers have 100s of items that have sold in a short period of time.

So you can see the problems that can be avoided if checkout is completed.

Generally the faster your payment is located the faster your item can be posted!!!

Happy Ebaying


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