Why I love to collect EEYORE,winnie the pooh on ebay???

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(if someone goes thru my feedback and count's all my POOH TOY's I'll do something for you...This VALENTINE's DAY!!!I have an EEYORE with a Red fluffy love heart photo frame,plus arrow going thru it...It was very exspensive as there was fierce bidding on ebay australia for this EEYORE but I was prepared to pay the most and I won...even thou the price was rediculous and suspicious as I did discover one toy seller consistantly pushing up there own prices by bidding as someone else on there own item's so I warned other's and stopped buying from them...they had left a trail on that I followed to discover that the person who was selling the pooh toy's and the person who kept bidding against me but never winning and if they did I alway's got a second chance offer...I became suspecious and started tracing this bidder and discovered that both account's were opened in exactly the same location in AUSTRALIA and on EXACTLY the same day...now as a betting man,what are the chance's of that...LAST bit of SPICE is the secret collecting of snowglobes,which an a very old medium and have an intrinzic value/something that make's them special...I loved them as a child...You couldn't touch inside so that could be as delicate as you want as your kids can't get in unless they smash it and if you have children as I did,I waited until they were past this age to start collecting as I have a glass phobia,esp with children and glass table's of anykind which I hope become's an exstinct industry...STOP the manufacture and sale of glass topped furniture...the amount of nearlies I have had with my own kid's in other people's house's just visiting is staggering!!!p.s. from jt...more clue's to collecting for you to unravel...
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