Why Many Elinz Customers Love Our LED Light Bars

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Why do LED light bars remain a popular choice among Elinz Electronics customers? Well, we all know that having extra illumination can be quite handy when driving or working during low light conditions. It helps us see well and avoid accidents that can cause the loss of lives or damage to property. This is one of the main reasons why our customers love our light bars because they know that they can rely on our products.
As you may know, it isn't enough that you use run of the mill LED light bar that you can purchase just anywhere. It is very important that you choose high quality and reliable lighting devices. Price is an important factor to consider, too. Just picture this scenario: you have spent $500 on a light bar. However, just a couple of weeks of using the item, the lighting device suddenly went dead. You cannot believe that you have wasted good money on a bad product. And to add insult to injury, anyone who knows of your story is telling you that you have been ripped off.
Good thing you won't experience such a catastrophe with Elinz Electronics. We offer various LED light bars that can match or even exceed your expectations and have 2 years warranty. Take our 31.5" 180W CREE light bar as an example. This product is quite popular with our customers because it is tough and is built to last. What makes it different from other products sold at the market is that it can produce ultra bright white light without consuming too much energy, making it a huge help at construction sites, during emergency situations, or just when driving at night.
It contains 60 pieces of high intensity 3W LED light bulbs and features spot and flood style of illumination, allowing the LED light bar to have greater coverage and to produce further-reaching light. This feature is something that you cannot easily find in other similar products. And if you think that our 180W LED bars come with a hefty price tag, think again. Like all of our other electronic devices and car accessories, our light bars are sold at very affordable prices.
Meanwhile, if you think that our 31.5" light bars are too big for your vehicle, we have smaller 18W and 36W LED light bars that measure 6" and 7", respectively. These are perfect for your 4X4 or off road vehicle. But despite their small sizes, these lighting devices can definitely pack a punch. Like our bigger units, they can withstand the elements and survive in very tough conditions, thanks to their diecast aluminium housing. And don't forget their energy efficiency and ability to produce ultra bright white light.
If you're thinking of getting one of our LED light bars, then good for you! We can definitely assure you that they won't disappoint. And if you're planning to install the light bars yourself, we recommend that you purchase a wiring loom harness to make the installation process a breeze. Meanwhile, if you have more questions about our products, simply contact us at Elinz Electronics and we'll be more than happy to assist you.
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