Why Sellers Leave Feedback after Buyers leave theirs!!!

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Okay. You are wondering why sellers always ask you to leave feedback first, Why cant they leave yours first?

Today I will explain why and hopefully you wont have any problem when the next seller requests ...  "when you recieve your item, please check it and then leave feedback."

It all comes back to a sellers feedback rating. We Like it and we want to protect it.

Most "good" eBay sellers will do their most to ensure that you recieve what you pay for ( I know that their are dishonest sellers out there who do sometimes do the wrong thing by buyers) But as I said MOST will do all they can to ensure a great easy transaction.

Fistly I recommend that buyers look for in a seller:

  • An item description that is very descriptive and fully contains ALL details about the items condition, how it operates, feels, sounds, looks etc
  • Secondly look for sellers who state their postage clearly on their listing to avoid any nasty suprises. I got caught out with a seller once who didnt explain that GST wasnt already in the price of the Buy it Now item and ended up paying over $5 more for an article than what i had budgetted for. Small amount but big problem with sellers lack of explaination in charges :S
  • Clearly read sellers payment instructions before bidding on an item. This is your key to knowing how long you have to pay, How much you have to pay and most importantly What methods you can use to pay.
  • if any of the above mentioned arent in a sellers listing I would suggest emailling them prior to bidding to find out what their charges and policies are. DO THIS BEFORE BIDDING.

Now you have recieved your item and your happy with it..........

  • You go to LEAVE FEEDBACK.
  • You mark the box as "positive" dont ever use neutral or negative for postage services being slow or at fault if you havent consulted with your seller about when it was sent etc.
  • The seller then sees that you have refcieved your item and are happy and they leave feedback for you.

Now if you recieved your item and you are NOT happy with it..........

  • Communication is the key to a sucessful eBay transaction among buyers and sellers. There is no US and THEY. In the eBay community we are all WE!
  • So before considering leaving ANY feedback at all contact your seller. Let them know that your auction win has arrived and in what ways you are not satisfied.
  • Give a seller time to respond... Some sellers may only be on every few days to check their eBay as they are people too. In my case, Im a Mum, I work part time and I am not at my computer 24/7 (imagine what my house would look like! *giggles*)
  • If their response is not to your satisfaction about resolving your concerns then email them and say that you INTEND o leave negative feedback for them if they are not prepared to assist you with your concerns or a resolution.
  • I have written another guide on what to do if your item arrives broken (please see that and even direct your trading partner to take a look as it is info that Aussie Post seem to forget to make public knowledge).
  • If all that fails and the seller has sent you an item that in no way matches the description or photograph on the listing then leave your negative feedback, just be aware that they will do the same for you!

Thankyou for reading this guide. If you found it helpful then please vote it as helpful.
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