Why Sony Walkmans are better than Ipods!

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There are so many reasons that Sony Walkmans (Mp3) are better than Ipods, which I have recently found when I bought a walkman after 4 ipods!

  1. You don't need to use any software!
  2. You can drag and drop files to your walkman!
  3. Walkmans accept more types of files than Ipod such as WMV and MP4 for video files
  4. Charges via USB rather than a special charger which you can lose!
  5. They are MUCH cheaper than ipods for MORE memory capacity! Eg, an 8 gig Walkman that has video, audio, photos and radio retails for $179 whereas a 4 gig Ipod Nano which does'nt have radio retails for $297! You are paying for advertising!
  6. You get a radio with the standard Walkmans!
  7. You can go on a friends computer and get their music and videos!
  8. You can drag and drop from itunes too!

Well thats it for now. You can tell I'm excited! Its because I am sick of not being able to my Ipod on another computer, losing the charger for the shuffle, not having radio for the gym, and many other little problems with the Ipod that you guys may know more about.

Just wanted to share my happiness with you all in case you were as sick of Ipods as me :)

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