Why Use Edible Cake Toppers?

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3 common mistakes most people make when using edible cake toppers

1. Allowing too much time for preparation. Most people expect that creating awesome cakes takes time, but my edible toppers are really easy to use. They arrive printed on one side of an edible wafer sheet. You need a dry clean surface and a pair of scissors, and you simply cut around the character/shape on the sheet and place them on your cakes.
2. Expecting them to taste good. Actually they don't taste like anything at all. Think of the wafer that you may have had at communion, or the flavourless rice biscuits that you get for babies and toddlers. That is what they taste like. But that is just fine, because the impact they have is when everyone sees them on your cakes - the WOW factor!
3. Giving away their secret! Once you have tried these toppers I am sure you won't regret it! The butterflies are truly amazing and I haven't met anyone who isn't stunned by how gorgeous they look on cakes. And the kids love having their favourite character on their cakes! You will be so pleased with yourself that you won't be able to resist telling everyone how clever you were by finding these awesome cake toppers on ebay.
They are the top 3 mistakes my customers make with my edible toppers. I love hearing their stories, and sometimes they even send me photos! If you want to have a huge impact at your next event, check out my store by clicking on the cake image above, or search for Get-Your-Cake-On.
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