Why You should Enjoy eBay

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I didn't start eBaying  Till Late in My Online Experience

And I would recommend ANYone to give Either selling Or Buying a Go.... I just Started Selling Stuff I No longer Needed... And Went on To making thing... I Love crafty stuff So that was my area I ventured To.. I also LOVE making Girls Clothes... and Because I don't have any girls I get to sell them on Here and Others Can Enjoy them Too.

I recommend anyone to give eBay a try .. Its certainly Not hard to do and People Anywhere can Buy thing they need   Even things *they don't really need But fall in love with* I know I have..

Personally I suggest to start off Little until you get comfortable with eBay I Highly Suggest You ALWAYS check a sellers Feedback Because  You just never know... Since I started buying and Selling I had Had Only 1 Purchase Go missing... I bought a cute Car seat Cover for My Son and Unfortunately I never recieved it.. Luckily I paid Via Paypal and Got a bit of My money Returned...

Thats Another Thing... I totally Recommend Joining Paypal.. Specially If you buy Something Over $50.. You can be sure You'll be safer dealing through them Than by Other ways.

Anyway I hope you Give eBay a try...

Cheers and ENJOY  3cheekyboys

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