Why and How Should a Dog Wear Clothes and Accessories?

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Have you ever noticed that you see more and more dogs being dressed up on the streets as well as in the parks? The truth is dogs have become more than just companion animals; they have become part of the family. And obviously we want our family to look good and feel good!

So, when it comes to dressing your pet up in outfits and accessories, is it something that can help your dog in its daily life or do we only do it because it is cute and fun? Well, of course, it is cute and fun!

But it's not all about doggy trendsetting. In hot or cold climates, it can serve an even more important purpose. And from a full outfit to a simple bandanna, who doesn't smile when their pooch is dressed in fashion-forward apparel?

A Valuable Function

Small breeds and those with a short coat are especially vulnerable to cold weather. A small coat of jumper adds an extra layer to keep them warm and keep their bodies from losing heat too quickly when they are out in the snow or rain. It also helps when you take your dogs for chilly morning walks.

A light weight doggy tee can also protect dogs from direct sun light, which can cause skin disease, if they have short hair or have been shaved.

When they are walking outside, concrete, hot or cold ground and road salt can all irritate your dog's paws. Dog booties solve this problem by keeping them protected. With the added defense against outdoor elements, you and your best friend can spend more time outside without the worry of them being uncomfortable. Do note that for some dogs, it take some getting used to it.

The Star of the Show!

Almost every dog loves attention! When your dog is clothed in style, it catches people's interest. It is hard not to stop and pat the dog when you see them all dressed up. In making you a proud and happy owner, your dog will feel proud and happy too, which in turn makes them even happier to be dressed up. This is really what a lot of pet owners found out after they started to dress up their dogs.

For dogs who are shy or those that are not used to being around people and other dogs, having something they feel comfortable in can give them added confidence and encourage them to socialise.

And of course, dress them up for photo sessions for good laughs and fun memory sake!

Specific Purpose

There are also other apparel and accessories that not only look cute but serve specific purposes as well. For example, the pet sanitary pants. With this, there's no need for your little princess to attempt to clean themselves up when they are on heat, nor there's a need for you to steam clean your carpet due to the stains. Simply stuff some tissues into the mesh area and change it when necessary.

You will be surprised that it can be used on male dogs as well. Some male dogs, especially puppies, likes to pee around to mark their territory. With this item, it solves the problem. Great for cats and dogs that can't control their nature calls due to old age.

And pet socks! Yes, these are great items to keep your dog's paws warm and clean. It also helps to protect your floor board and they are anti-slip of course. And now your pooch can share the same bed with you finally!

The Perfect Fit

Dog accessories and apparel come in a range of sizes to fit any dog. From a Chihuahua to a Labrador, there are coats, sweaters, collars and harnesses that can fit every type of dog comfortably. It is important to make sure that what your dog is wearing is properly fitted though. If it is too tight they will feel uncomfortable, too loose and they can trip over it when they are walking.

To make sure what you buy will fit your pooch comfortably, here's a guide on how to measure your pooch:

Use a measuring tape and take down the above meaurements (namely the breast girth, body length and neck girth). As a general guide, the breast girth measurement is the most important and use that as a basis to select the most appropriate size. When unsure, always go for the nearest larger size.

When it comes to dressing your dog in outfits or simply choosing a new collar and leash, it is important to take into account your current climate, your dog's comfort level and personal preference. The pet apparel and accessories offered by  Petitude, the FUN & VALUE Pet Store provides a wide variety of sizes, colours and prices so you are sure to find the perfect outfit for your fur kid. the choices are endless when it comes to fun pooch fashion and so most importantly, make sure you and your fur kid are having fun! Be warned, it can be addictive!

Lot of pet owners are already having fun. Just check our  Feedback and you will know. So are you ready for some serious poochie fun now?

Article contributed by Petitude, the FUN & VALUE Pet Store 2008.

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