Why are parking sensors so expensive at the dealer?

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Each year the motor industry floods the market with new, bigger and better than ever before cars for us to spend our hard earned money on. And of course with all the marketing they have done to entice you into their show room, you go in with a budget in mind. As you leaf through the glossy brochure looking at all of the extras that can be added to “personalize” your car, you end up ticking additional boxes to get the fully optioned car you really want costing you thousands extra, but is there a better Alternative? 

If we look at the parking sensor options that are available at the dealer, they can be anywhere from $700 - $900 to add to your car. WHY?

I wont go into how dealers make their coin, thats up to them as it is with you and everyone else who sells a service or product. 

The breakdown is the following: 
  1. The dealers we supply were paying $95 for a set of sensors
  2. $25 to have them painted by a panel beater
  3. $80 to have one of their guys install it
Total Price = $200

Margin? un-believable. 

Since we have been selling our sensors to a number of Sydney Dealerships at $40 less than Schneider or auto-one, the price has dropped by $0.

Want to do it yourself?

ok heres how it looks:
  1. Sensors $58 (delivered)
  2. Painted by a pro? $25-$40 (take your paint code with you and allow 2 days)
  3. Installation - DIY, laser level, tape, magic marker, Drill.

Dont get me started on what they charge for reversing cameras. If you want the works on a car from a dealership, speak to the professionals, not to the Bankers at the dealership.

on a side note, the VF commodore looks like it is coming out with the works already installed. Great work Holden!

At Motor Formula we have taken the pain out of your purchase, with many options to upgrade and personalise you’re in car audio system to a system that does what you want to it do at a fraction of the dealer cost, while still looking like it came like that from the factory. So before that new car smell wears off, come and see the team at Motor Formula to discuss what we can do for you!

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