Why are shoes a ‘Girls Obsession’?

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Why are shoes a ‘ Girls Obsession ’?
OK! Not every girl is shoe obsessed, but I think we can safely say the majority of us are, but why?

Well firstly, our shoes never let us down! Even if we have been a bit naughty lately and over indulged resulting in our clothes feeling a little too snug, it can be quite pleasing to know that it doesn’t affect our feet. Shoes will usually fit, no matter what.
Women like to accessorise their feet as they do with clothing, make-up and jewellery and your shoes can compliment your outfit to accentuate your look. Let’s be honest! Feet are not normally considered to be the most flattering part of our bodies! And some women really do loathe their feet, but at least with shoes we have the option to disguise what we don’t like and make our feet look pretty instead.

A great pair of heels instantly changes the way you look since they elongate and exaggerate the female form. Heels can improve your posture and help you walk with elegance and pride and they ooze femininity. Sure they may make your feet uncomfortable at times and can even give you horrible blisters! But the benefits of wearing heels and the way they make you feel far out ways the bad points and that is why we continue to do so.

Remember “Pain is Beauty” lol!

It may seem silly but shoes can help you overcome depression. Now don’t be tempted to stop taking your meds because it’s only a quick fix! but It’s true, In the same way that a gym session can boost your endorphins, many women will instantly feel a boost or lift in their moods when they purchase a new pair of shoes. For the ‘Shoe Lover’ a new pair of shoes can make you feel like a million dollars.

Collector’s items? Of course! Many women will collect, adore and cherish their shoe collection just as others do china pots or stamps. Shoes are not just shoes to us girls, our special ones are the equivalent to a piece of artwork and some women will even display their collection with pride!

Shoes can improve confidence in more ways than you probably realise.  Shoes are not as intimidating as clothes and women can feel free to express their personalities in fabulous shoes, whereas they may not be brave enough to do so in certain clothes. We feel fabulous in great shoes and very rarely are we going to be self-conscious in them! Other women will notice your shoes and only admire them.

And finally, best of all they can be worn again and again saving you heaps in the long run, because if we were to constantly wear the same clothes people would probably notice but with shoes we can keep wearing them and nobody seems to bat an eyelid! Great!
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