Why boxers and why briefs ?

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Upon seeing a man before his complete state of nakedness, the question nagging behind every woman's mind is answered: boxer shorts or briefs? This question has long invaded the fantasies of every hot-blooded female.
So which really is it? I have read lots of works of fiction, love stories, of course, where the heroine is always asked by her friends what her new paramour has underneath his jeans.
Do you want a man who prefers briefs as his undergarments or do you find boxer shorts sexier in a state of undress? The everlasting debate on men's underwear has spanned many years, not a century, of course, since it was only in the 1930s when briefs and boxers came to be.
Boxer shorts are more comfortable since the male genitalia gets its regular circulation of air. Also, if your husband or boyfriend just wants to sit and walk around the house in their underwear by wearing a pair of boxers, it's perfectly okay. They likewise disguise the build of a man who has had not logged any gym time in the past three months.
The abovementioned reasons, of course, are only based on why men like boxers. Women like their partners in boxer shorts since they are easier to take off. For women who are into fashion, they can buy boxers for their husbands or boyfriends, which suit their liking as well since men's underwear of this kind come in different colors and patterns.
However, boxers do not provide any support. They also bunch up when they're tucked underneath your man's jeans or slacks. In addition, whenever he gets aroused, boxers cannot hide it.
Tighty-whiteys or briefs offer the support not provided by boxers. This type of men's underwear also does not bunch up when your guy is wearing pants since they tend to stay in place. Likewise, men who have great bodies look deliciously good in briefs.
Of course, briefs also have negative aspects. Foremost, I think, is that they cannot be worn as they are while walking around the house. Think of the weirded-out stares you'll get from unexpected guests of your wife or girlfriend. In addition, briefs come in limited colors and patterns, so there are only a few undergarments for your fashion-savvy partner to choose from.
My personal choice is boxer shorts. They look sexier and manlier than briefs. I think bold patterns and colors in boxers also express boldness in real life like in the boardroom and in the bedroom.
Briefs are tamer. Also, my younger brother and cousins have all worn briefs when they were younger and then switched into boxers when they went to high school. That's why I've associated briefs with childhood, and there's nothing sexy about it.
Do you want to know the answers of most female heroines in my book regarding boxers or briefs? Their reply was "boxers." I guess most writers also prefer their books' knight in shining armor wearing boxers himself.

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