Why build muscle with Tube Train Resistance exercise?

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Build muscle, burn calories and improve your vitality and longevity with the Tube Train Exercise System

Muscle not only moves our body around they have a much more important job to do.  They are vital organs, the same as our heart, our liver and our kidneys.  But unlike these organs if you don't use it you lose it and with muscle you lose it at an alarming rate.  Some studies suggest that the average body loses around 3kg of lean muscle every decade from middle age if you don't look after it.

Weight bearing exercise also helps to keep bones healthy and strong.  So the Tube Train is great for those with osteoporosis or are at risk.  As a Naturopath I hae seen clients improve their bone density after doing regular resistance exercise.

Carrying too much body fat has been associated with a range of diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  Regular exercise burns kilojoules, increases muscle mass and speeds the metabolism.  Together, these physiological changes can help you to maintain an appropriate weight for your height and build.

Having good muscle mass can also give you an appealing physique.  You will look lean, toned and sculpted.  Not necessarily like a body builder but imagine the body of an athlete or a fitness model.

Cells that are in the muscle are cells that create energy - what a bonus!  More muscle = more potential for energy.

So as you can see there are so many benefits to exercising and increasing your lean muscle mass.  You too can benefit - get on the Tube Train and feel great!

(Please note that if you are over 40 years, obese, suffer from a chronic illness or have been sedentary for some time, it is a good idea to check with your Doctor before embarking on any new exercise routine)

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