Why buy used/refurbished laptop / notebook

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If you're looking at buying one or more laptops let me first congratulate you for being such a smart person. Shopping for used/refurbished laptops means that you acquire a very good but normally expensive notebook for much less than a brand new one.

Why shop for pre-owned laptops anyway?

Many people buy used laptops because they want to save some money or because their budget is limited and they feel that the used notebooks market is where they'll find their ultimate laptop computer. Needless to say, they're right on the money.
If you're wondering if there are any advantages users shopping for such laptops, consider this:

They can be up to 50% cheaper than similar brand new ones
If you're on a tight budget, you can afford to buy one and a leg brand new.
Prospective good used laptop computers may still be under the factory warranty.

The only problem I see in considering the used laptops market is that you won't get that "first timer user's smell" and that your used notebook might not be the most recent model. But, the laptop computer will meet your needs.

Used/Refurbished laptops buying tips

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There are many ways to locate good used laptops. The obvious one is to go to your nearest computer shop and find out or in this case Search Ebay for laptop Deals
My guess is that you're looking at buying a good cheap used laptop computer online so I'll focus on that...

Step 1: Know what you want

Before you go hunting for any computer, know what you want. Better yet, know what you need. The reason I say this is that you may want the fastest notebook computer on the block but chances are that you don't really need it unless you're a multi-media designer for instance. So, determine what you'll need your notebook for and for safety precautions make provision for other needs that might arise.

Step 2: Know who you are buying it from

Beware of cheap laptops deals that will not offer you the after-sales service or warranty that you deserve. This is how way they keep their prices low. They cut corners and they are happy with a smallest profit possible as they will not provide you with any support at all! It might save you a few hundreds dollars upfront but you will inherit endless nightmares should anything wrong.
Like with all Technology these days something does go wrong occasionally and that is a time that your warranty and seller after sales support comes in play. So buying from respectable seller with good strong feedback and reputation would be a must.

Step 3: How much can you afford?

That's self explanatory. If you don't have a price tag mind in used laptops shopping, you're looking for disaster with a capital D. Again if it is cheap it is cheap.
Please be aware when buying

Step 4: Locating the right used laptops.

Assuming that you locate a used laptop for sale at reputable dealers (highly recommended if you're a first time Internet shopper or if you need one super fast), the only thing you have to do is to look through the inventory of used laptops stocked, make sure that you find the right laptop computer (that falls within your budget and computing needs) and you're set. Yup, that what there is to it!
Before you pay and choose please make sure that, you have checked about such things as warranties, return policies and after-sales customer assistance.
As said earlier, this article was short but hopefully concise. I hope that you find it useful and that now you're ready to soak yourself into the used laptops market with more confidence. Please do keep us informed about your experiences, good or bad and feel free to ask any questions if at some stages you get stuck in the process

Thank You

Starcom Laptops Team

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