Why doesn't my DVD player play this DVD?

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Why doesn't my DVD play on my DVD player?

There can be multiple reasons but the most common is your laser lens needs a clean or your DVD player is not formatted to read that particular disc, WHAT? You ask

Some DVD players sold in many countries only allow you to play DVD's encoded for that country. This allows motion picture studios to control what can be played and the sale price in a particular country

So, to avoid this the best option is to purchase a encoded DVD for your region or purchase a multiple region DVD player


Here is a list of DVD Region codes for each country

Region 0 = Worldwide
Region 1 = Canada, USA, Bermuda
Region 2 = West/East Europe, West Asia, Israel, Iran, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, UK, Turkey, French Oversea territories
Region 3= South East Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau
Region 4 = Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
Region 5 = Ukaraine, Belarus, Russia, Continent of Africa, Central and South Asia, Mongolia, North Korea
Region 6 = Peoples Republic of China
Region 7 = Reserved for future use
Region 8 = International venues such as aircraft, cruise ships etc
Region All = Can be played on all DVD players


To find out what region a DVD is for look on the back of DVD cover. You are to look out for the words Region or small picture with a number

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