Why every transaction can be good!

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I have been a loyal Ebayer for 6 years and taken my time to learn some of the unspoken rules. Haven't had an upset yet - not a bad one anyway! So, this is what I know, so far...

  1. Even if a buyer or seller has 100% feedback do yourself a favour and read their "Feedback Left for Others". This gives you an insight into their character or business style and also, whether they are bothered to leave feedback for others. I have had a few buyers who haven't left feedback for me after leaving glowing feedback for them, you definitely feel a bit shortchanged.
  2. Really read those descriptions thoroughly, check the sizes stated, the brand etc. Especially the condition - most important! You can't complain when they actually told you it was chipped.
  3. If an item you are interested in has already got bids on it, have a look at the bid history. Very usefull to know if someone has been bidding in 50 cent increments and they keep doing that. Or, have they a second bid in that hasn't been used yet, meaning, their original bid is the current winning bid but they ahave a second bid in anyway. This signals a very serious buyer - that second bid could be huge. I have used this technique very successfully to make certain I get that 'Thing I must Have'!
  4. Feedback - if you don't make it useful, personal, why do it? It should really be about letting your fellow Ebayers know how this transaction went. I love to show recognition for sellers who reduce postage costs because they got a better deal or packed my item with great care.
  5. Don't be worried about doing overseas transactions. Without doubt my favourite items I have bought through Ebay have come from overseas and you would be surprised how quickly and safely your item can arrive - check websites like USPS to get an idea of real costs and their Global Priority mail service is brilliant. Know your postage charges before you bid though so you aren't horrified at the end of the auction. And don't be afraid to ask for a better rate if they can get one.

Never a day goes by without a little browsing on Ebay! It's a perfect pastime.

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