Why iGolf Neo GPS is Best! iGolf, SureShot, SkyCaddie

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Why the iGolf Neo GPS is the Best Model on the Market

 iGolf vs Sureshot vs SkyCaddie

The Pros and Cons they don't want you to know about!


The iGolf Neo GPS has all the great features a GPS rangefinder has and performs perfectly along its competitors. However when your out in the market place, surrounded by marketing spills and salespeople, it can be hard in choosing the right GPS and finding the juicy differences that separates an expensive gimmick to a quality and reliable golfing partner.

So in order to help you decide we have summed up a list of iGolf's most distinguishing and defining features and how it compares with other popular models. The iGolf Neo GPS incorporates many other features however, we believe these will be of most help in making a decision.

No Annual Fees or On-going Charges - Once an iGolf unit has been purchase with it's one-time-payment for your choice of maps, iGolf will never charge you again. Other popular GPS brands, such as Skycaddie and Sureshot will charge you on a yearly basis. For Sureshot that can range between $30 - $80 dollars for the use of their maps per year and the amount of memory you wish to have on the unit. Skycaddie will charge $30 - $60 dollars depending on where you wish to play golf (Only in your state, only in your country, worldwide) per year.

Simple to Use - Three button operation. Clear, simple, easy to use for any age group. Many of todays GPS models tend to clutter their devices with numerous (and usually unnecessary) features that tend to make them confusing and rather un-user friendly. 

One Hand Device - Comfortable to Hold, Carry, Use - With its uniquely designed casing that perfectly fits into the palm of your hand and a range of selected buttons that are conveniently placed for the thumb, the iGolf Neo GPS allows you to find your distances, hazards and lengths of your shots with the use of only one hand! Sureshot on the other hand is a two handed device and cannot be operate single handily.

Stores up to 10 Maps - Many devices only allow a couple of maps to be stored on the device. This results in the act of having to rearrange and delete which maps you want on the unit everytime you go out. In comparison to the iGolf Neo GPS, holding 10 maps (either downloaded or mapped personally) the Skycaddie will hold 10 courses no matter which model you purchase from them and at a high cost. Plus only 5 of those ten maps can be personally mapped yourself. Sureshot will only let you store 3 maps on it's basic membership, and the company will charge you every time you wish to upgrade for more memory.

Users get to keep their downloaded maps for LIFE - After you download your golfing maps from our subscription to your iGolf, you will have them for life to be played over and over and over again. You may think that this would be true for all GPSs right? Wrong. Sureshot & Skycaddie will not allow you to keep your downloaded maps if their on-going fees/charges are not met. If you do not pay their annual fee, both companies will disable all your downloaded maps from being used, leaving your unit useless and empty (with the exception of your personally mapped courses).

Be Part of the Largest Database in the World - iGolf is a world renowned company for being the '#1 Golf Search and GPS Database for Mobile Devices'.

Internal Lithium-ion Battery - Long Battery Life - Up to 16 Hours - iGolf uses a high quality lithium-ion battery that surpasses the battery life of it's competitors. You don't have to worry about buying an excessive amount of AA batteries that will only last you 2 hours, all you have to do is charge your device at home, computer or car.

Sureshot has the Lithium Ion batteries as standard and its battery life lasts between 4.5 and 7 hours, depending on the level of brightness selected and will take 5 hours to be fully recharged. If your quick, you just may get one round of golf in before it goes flat on you!

But iGolf solves all of these problems. Its battery life exceeds them, offers excellent convenience to recharge, outlet, pc and car. Moreover, No frequent visits to the convenience store to buy AA batteries by the bucket load. Simple, easy, efficient.

Brilliant High Contrast LCD Screen - Unlike the Sureshot and the Skycaddie which both have emitting colour screens (which can't be seen in direct sunlight due to the sun's overpowering strength), all iGolf GPS's have specially designed 'High Contrast' screens that absorb sunlight! They do not fight the sun but use it to their advantage, by which enables them to be read in direct sunlight. The brighter it is, the clearer it becomes. This feature also significantly reduces the power consumption of the display.

We have personally tested the Sureshot and honestly the screen went black when we tried the Golf Shop's demo on the course during a sunny day. With direct sunlight on the screen we could see nothing! The only way we could read it was by turning our backs to the sun and casting a shadow over the screen. Really not golfing material. I dare you to compare.


And Finally ....More Value For Your Money! Save on all those useless gimmicks, features and pretty extras that let alone make things for confusing for us all, but rise the price of the unit to a ridiculous level. Save yourself the time, the money and the peace of mind with an iGolf Neo .


Discover for yourself how a golf GPS can improve your game you'll wonder why you never thought of getting one before. To learn more about golf GPS units and how they can improve your game and the best units available, please visit out listings under iGolf_Australia.


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