Why is WINNIE the POOH collectable on ebay???INVEST$$$$

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Hi...I have been a collector of "WINNIE the POOH",now for over 36years...and I still love him and all his friend's especially eeyore,who need's to smile more!!!I grew up reading some of the first POOH book's ever written,but as a child I hated them...there were very few picture's in the book and if there was one it was a black out-line form only for many year's...I found them very long and hard to read and gave up on them...But my mum took them and read them at bedtime to me and my little sister and it was a thrill and great way to go to see with positive thought's etc...we couldn't wait for the next night to hear more,eventually my sister had to take it and read them all!!!HER nickname since childhood has alway's been "TIGGER"(from my DAD)...One of my oldest item's is her plastic squeeze toy tigger nearly 40years old now and still unperished rubber!!!DISNEY is quality and that is why POOH is collectable...Do you know the HISTORY of winnie the pooh...It is based on a children's story written along time ago by a man called A.A.Milne...he wrote the story for his son and this is where CHRISTOPHER ROBIN comes from...it is him putting his own son into the story...Disney only has temporary ownership of the right's to winnie the pooh but it is for the next 50 years or something like that...I read it in the newspaper as they published how many "BILLION's" they paid to the family who still have creative right's that they will fundamentally alway's own...so for POOH's collectable there are two option's for his owner's to make money...and that is keeping him with DISNEY vs exploring the freedom to offer individual artist within countries to run with their POOH and stock or produce a new toy or range for you without the gaint monopolisation currently held by disney,including EXTREMELY HIGH manufacturing rules and regulation's...(their secret is it must be able to mass produced to the same high standard and be completely uniform and dependable???you decide...more to added..jt...
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