Why men should sit while peeing

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True men pee only in stand?

When my parents built a house in the beginning of the 70s. if they had intended for the bathroom an electric hot-air blower. Because this blower hung between wash basin and toilet, it got of both sides splash. On the wash basin side this was only water, on the toilet side, however, urine. In relatively short time the "toilet side" caught in to rust. On the varnish of the blower bubbles and under it buckled ugly rust points appeared. Hoods of these rust points by cloths were not possible, because these got hot then, by switched on heating blower, very strongly. Only the new installation of a new heating was left.
The urine is SO CORROSIVELY one cannot maybe fancy, however, to that is in such a way.

Who pees as a man in the standing position, must calculate on the fact that his bath does not have the "survival duration" of a normal bath. All around the toilet the urine splashes, there one can aim like one wants. Hence, my recommendation to all men: pees only in sit, even if it is "unmanly, it acts at least to your woman or cleaning lady to dear, because it must wipe off the missed. This has to go be not necessarily with all love.

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