Why offering free postage is a bad idea.

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You may think that you will make more money by offering free postage, but in reality, you earn the same amount as if you did charge for postage.

Why would people pay more for an item just because it had free postage?

(eg. Your item could sell for $20 + $5.00 postage, and you would most likely get $25 with free postage).

Now, the thing with free postage is, as it would sell for more money (the actual item), you will be charged more for fees, which makes you earn less profit then if you'd charged for postage.

As well as listing fees, there are "Final Value Fees".
Anything that sells for under $75 has a final value fee of 5.25% of the selling price.

It may only be a few dollars, but if you are selling a lot of items, you could be losing a lot of money.

Click Here to see the full list of fees.
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