Why should all eBay guides be written in note pad?

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Why should all eBay guides be written in note pad?

All users on eBay have the option of writing a helpful guide for other readers on eBay. If your guide gets many helpful votes from readers, you could even get the Top Reviewer icon from eBay! eBay provides its users with a Rich Text Editor that can be used to create the guide and upload it to the website. You have the option of writing the content of the guide directly into the online Text Editor. However, if you take a lot of time to do so, you may sometimes get timed out, thus losing all your content. This is why guide writers prefer to use some writing software to create their guides and then copy paste them into the Rich Text Editor.

eBay does not specify which word processor you should use to create your guide. However, hundreds of people who write guides have noticed that if they create their guides in Microsoft Word, they find it impossible to paste it correctly on eBay. Microsoft Word has its own html tags that create a lot of problems when you write html in your guide content. Upon pasting into the rich text editor, the html tags do not get converted in the proper manner and you could end up posting gibberish.

But users of Notepad have not experienced the same problems. When they copy and paste from Notepad, their html links and tags are pasted as is and work in the right manner. Thus, all eBay guides should preferably be written in Notepad.

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