Why to choose a WELS tap and shower head?

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Choosing more efficient products helps Australia save water.
When WELS began in 2005, projections were made on the reduction in the demand for water and energy to the year 2021. Since then, a study completed in 2008 showed even greater savings than the 2005 projections. By 2021, Australians could save more than one billion dollars through reduced water and energy bills by simply choosing more efficient products.
By 2021 it is estimated that using water efficient products will help to:

    · reduce domestic water use by more than 100,000 megalitres each year;
    · save more than 800,000 megalitres (more water than Sydney Harbour); and
    · reduce total greenhouse gas output by 400,000 tonnes each year - equivalent to taking 90,000 cars off the road each year.

Over one third of the water savings will come from more efficient showers, about 34 per cent from washing machines and 23 per cent from toilets and urinals.
By choosing to use more water-efficient products in the home, Australians will save water and reduce their water and energy bills.
Please note:

    It is illegal to sell taps/faucets/mixers and shower heads/Rose which are not WELS Approved.
    It is also illegal to sell these products without the proper information displayed in the correct way.
    Many plumbers will not install non WELS approved products. Most councils will not grant a completion certificate to homes with non WELS items installed - this means they can not be lived in! Some insurance companies will not insure homes which have non WELS approved products.
    In order to receive WELS approval only the highest quality of materials and workmanship can be used. This ensures that water usage is governed and you are using a product which is healthy to use.
    If you want to check to see if a product is WELS Approved, use the Australian Government Website which lists all items by brand name (waterrating.gov.au).
    Products which are required to be WELS Approved include: taps, shower heads, toilets, washing machines, etc.
    Always ask the seller for the brand name and model number and check the details yourself on the WELS website. (waterrating.gov.au).
    All taps and shower heads we are selling are comply with AU Standard ,WELS Approved.

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