Why to use Handmade Lavender & Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

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Use these as an Aromatherapy to treat yourself?

- Have you had the following symptoms for a long time or just recently? Feeling down, edgy, guilty, or tired
-Having headaches or stomachaches -Having sleeping difficulties such as insomnia
-Muscular tension
-Wanting to be alone all the time (withdrawal)
-Not enjoying and being positive to things you have to do
-Gastrointestinal upsets, such as diarrhoea or constipation
-Dermatological disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin

If you have two or more symptoms at the same time, you are a victim of ‘stress and tiredness’. Now it is the time for you to deserve mental and physical relaxation。

 Handmade Lavender & Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb is your best choice. It is rich in anti-stress, and anti-dry and sensitive skin complex.
The thick Cocoa Butter moisturizers your skin, anti-oxidant source (accelerates the process of skin regeneration), stretch mark reduction, and more, while smelling the Lavender relaxes your mind.
Naturally sourced Lavender oil has also been proven to; alleviate skin problems such as; acne, burns, dry skin, eczema, itchy skin and, sunburn.
Epsom Salts ease stress and relax the body, relieve muscles, eliminate toxins from the body and, treat toenail fungus.

What does it do?
-Is great fun and an excellent and safe activity for all ages
-leaves gorgeous purple colour in your tub
-makes water silky smooth and very moisturizing
-Lathers well
-Lavender scent is amazing, leaves a very calming environment.
-Nourishes, hydrates and softens skin, stays on your skin long afterwards
-soothes irritated, itching skin such as eczema on your arms and legs, dry patch on your knees
-Also the whole bathroom or even house is full of fantastic and fragranced smell
-The gorgeous lavender scent lingers on your skin and in your hair
-Effects will last longer and relax your body

How to use :
-Get a handmade Lavender & Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb bath bomb.
-Run a tub of warm or hot, soothing water.
-Once you have enough water, get in the tub with the bath bomb. Don't let it get wet yet.
-Hold the bath bomb above the water and drop it in. It will fizz and swirl around your tub. Quickly, it will turn the water a light purple colour.
-Enjoy the wonderfully relaxing fizz of the bomb!

Reference: Wiki How /Use-a-Bath-Bomb

Bicarbonate soda, Citric acid, Epsom Salts, Lavender (essential oil), Cocoa Butter, Colouring

Precautions and Safety Directions:
For external use only.
-Keep out of reach of children.
-If you have sensitive skin, and it is the first time to use bath bombs, before use, Test YOUR SKIN REACTION. As colour, essential oil and fragrance may have reactions to your skin. If you experience any hot/burning, swelling, irritation or rash and reddening during test, remove product immediately and rinse thoroughly with cold water. If a burning or itching sensation persists, seek medical advice. 

There may have tub residue left on the surface or at the floor of your tub. Therefore, when you rinse the tub with water in the end, it is best to take a wash cloth and just scrub of the sides simultaneously. The residue will easily come off.
2. As with most bath bombs, it is best to keep them away from heat and water/ moist air, because they can make bath bombs fall apart. So prepare some plastic bags or jars for storage.

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