Why use clay as a beauty treatment?

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Clays are used to tone and revitalise the skin. They can be regarded as great cleansers which also help firm and soften the skin.

Several types of clay are used for beauty treatments, but the most popular clay is Green Clay. Green Clay contains many minerals and trace elements including magnesium, silica, iron and calcium. It can be bought as French Argilitz Green Clay and Australian Organic Green Clay. It can also be bought as Superfine clay which makes masks with a creamy, smooth consistency.

Green Clay is a great detoxifying clay and was used as far back as the Egyptians and Romans who had many uses for it, some being - to detoxify the system, to heal wounds, to rejuvenate the skin, etc.

Green clay is great for face masks, particularly for those with oily or combination skins due to its deep absorption action. It will help tighten and clarify the skin.

Green clay is not suitable on some skin types as it can be too drying. It should not be used on sensitive skin, dry skin, or on areas where there are broken veins. The alternative for these skin types are Pink Clay or white Kaolin Clay which are soft, milder clays which can be used on all skin types.

To make and apply a clay mask is very simple. Just add enough pure water (bottled water) to the clay to make a smooth, spreadable paste. Apply this paste to the skin and leave for 10-15 minutes to completely dry, before removing with warm water. (do not apply too close to eyes or to the moustache area).

Frankincense and patchouli essential oils are great tissue regenerators which can be added to your masks (one drop to each teaspoonful of clay).

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