Why you don't want to use PayPal

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PayPal is quite simply NOT Safe for Buyers or Sellers

It's simply not possible to have a fast and safe payment method for buyers and sellers. In its current form PayPal is fairly heavily slanted in favor of the buyer. That said, if a seller has no money in their account and a buyer wins their dispute they get back no money at all. PayPal is supposedly "free to buyers" but this isn't the case when buying in foreign currencies. If a dispute is won after paying in a foreign currency you will be charged a conversion fee of 2.5%. Infact every foreign currency transaction is charged.

It Gets Worse for Australian Sellers...

Many forms of commonly used postage are not accepted as proof of postage by PayPal and in the event of a dispute you will lose automatically, having your account limited in the process. You risk taking payment from a credit card that is fraudulent, or claimed to be, and then you lose again, as well as an administration fee above what ever the payment was. The fees are an obvious detraction, but I'm sure you're already aware of that. One of PayPal's biggest advantages is speed, not so in the case of the eCheque, which can take a week to clear. If someone pays into the wrong account, and the payment is accepted, eBay marks it as paid and ready to post.

Final Notes...

Just remember that every transaction comes with it risk. Be aware of your trading partner's previous track record, and be very careful when dealing with suspect locations. Both buyers and sellers need to be cautious. Cavaet Emptor, well the same can be said for the seller in this case.

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