Why you need a Window Mount Rifle Rest for your Hunt

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Why you need a window mount rifle rest for your next Hunting trip

A window mount rifle rest is perhaps one of the more underrated pieces of hunting equipment you'll be considering as you outfit yourself for your next trip. It's important to note however the versatility that a window mount rifle rest can give you. Often times you'll find yourself in an unexpected weather change or in an unfamiliar terrain with a once-in-a-lifetime shot. The window mount rifle rest will allow you the stability and accuracy you need to ensure you land your shot. Just because it's good for resting rifles on doesn't mean it's a single purpose unit; it can also be used as photography rest or as a place to hang tools or even your rifle from sling. Often times the terrain or the danger in the field is so difficult to assess that it almost forces you to stay near your vehicle. It's times like these where you won't just get an occasional benefit from your window mount rifle rest, but where it can improve your performance on your entire trip and ensure that you come home with the animal you intended to.

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