Why you should join the American Numismatic Association

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All Coin Dealers are ANA Members

You will love the A.N.A.
Reasons why ANA Membership Is Your Best Numismatic Investment.
Joining the American Numismatic Association places a great many helpful resources at your fingertips.

Benefits include:

Numismatist. The hobby's premier journal is included with your membership. Each monthly issue includes three or four feature articles, association news and columns by some of the hobbies foremost authorities. Advertising is accepted only from member dealers who support the ANA's code of ethics. All members, except Associates, receive this publication.

Library. ANA Members can "borrow the book before they buy the coin." Over 50,000 books, auction catalogs, videos, and slide sets in the world largest numismatic lending library are available to members, just for the price of postage. Individualized in-depth research services are also available.

Educational Opportunities. From our famous Summer seminar to our traveling grading seminars, to our home-study courses, to Numismatic Theatre presentation at ANA conventions, the ANA provides the knowledge you need to collect with confidence.

Consumer Alert Resources (C.A.R.E.). Arming members with consumer protection resources, fraud alerts and mediation services ANA's CARE program is truly a benefit. Our loss alert/reward program will pay up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons committing crimes against ANA members. Through our mediation services we assist members in resolving disputes arising from unsatisfactory coin transactions. ANA members and dealers must abide by the ANA Code of Ethics.

Collection and Health Insurance. Members can insure their entire collection at low group rates. Other group insurance plans include: Catastrophic Major Medical, Term Life, Long Term Care, Major Medical, Short Term Major Medical, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Hospital Indemnity & Cancer.

MoneyMarket Catalog. Books and hobby supplies, usually with substantial member discounts, are available through the MoneyMarket catalog or on-line.

Direct Submissions to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) - NGC is the Official Grading Service of the ANA. Active ANA members may submit coins for grading directly to NGC.
Direct Submissions to Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) - NCS is the conservation service of choice of the ANA. Active ANA members may submit coins for conservation directly to NGC.

Camaraderie and referrals. The ANA Club listings can put you in touch with local, regional and specialty clubs that provide the personal support and camaraderie that makes collecting such a rewarding hobby. The ANA MarketPlace provides member dealers with free listings for their numismatic businesses.

Young Numismatist Programs. Developed especially for the beginning collector, the Ancient Coin Project allows YNs to earn ancient coins. The YN auction allows young collectors to buy coins using "money" earned by participating in the hobby. First Strike is a semi-annual supplement to Numismatist especially for the beginning collector. Scholarships to the Summer conference are just one the many awards YNs can receive by being involved in numismatics.
This Is Your Invitation.
The ANA welcomes numismatists of all ages, beginner and expert alike. Join the members who are already taking advantage of the ANA programs and services to become more knowledgeable and confident collectors.

American Numismatic Association
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

--------------------------------------------------------------------- ANA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM

YES, I want to be part of America's Coin Club. I understand that I will receive the Association's monthly magazine The Numismatist; have access to 30,000 books in the world's largest numismatic lending library; will be eligible for discounts on numismatic books; and obtain dozens of other exclusive member benefits.


Name:  ____________________ 
Address:  ________________________________________ 
City:  ____________________ 
State:  __________ 
Zip:  __________ 
Country:  __________ 
Postal Code:  __________ 
E-Mail:  ___________________ 
Birth date (MM-DD-YEAR)  ___/___/_____ 
Type of membership (select one):  _____ Regular $36 (US - 1 year)
_____ Regular $48 (Foreign - US funds - 1 year)
_____ Junior $20 17 years or younger (US - 1 year)
_____ Senior $31 (US - Age 65 or older - 1 year)
_____ Senior $43 (Foreign - US funds - Age 65 or older - 1 year)
_____ Regular $102 (US - 3 year)
_____ Regular $165 (US - 5 year)
_____ Life $1000 


*Annual membership dues (with the exception of Associate membership) include $20 for a one-year subscription to The Numismatist.


To join by credit card: 
Please charge my membership dues of   $__________ 
Credit Card Type:  _____ Visa
_____ MasterCard
_____ Discover Card
_____ American Express
Credit Card No. (all digits):  ____________________ 
Expiration Date (MMYY):  ____/____ 
Signature:  ____________________ 


Periodically, the ANA's mailing list is sold or provided to third parties. If you do not want your information provided to such parties for non-ANA related mailings, please check here. ______.
(Previous requests not to provide your information will continue to be honored.)

Promotion Code _LM-702

I herewith make application for membership in the American Numismatic Association, subject to the Bylaws of said Association. I also agree to abide by the Code of Ethics adopted by the Association.

Primary Sponsor     Joel D Rettew ANA Life Member #702

Secondary Sponsor Joel D Rettew ANA Life Member #702

Mail or Fax your application to:

American Numismatic Association
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Fax: 719-634-4085 

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