Wii Fit Accessories and Game Guide

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All about the Wiifit!

Don't Buy a Nintendo Wii Fit Balance Board Before Reading This Guide!

So have you heard about the latest thing for the Wii? The Wii Fit has probably been the most popular accessory since the wii remote.

The wii fit is a board fitted with sensors that brings a whole new dimension to gaming. So what makes it so special? Well now you can turn your living room into your own personal mini gym.

Wii sports brought golf slices and tennis aces into your home and now Nintendo has turned your lounge room into your own fitness centre that lets the whole family get in on the action.

You'll still have a great time playing wii, but now you get a workout to boot, and you can even compare your results and track your progress!

So what exactly can you do on the wii fit board?

Well you can learn how to block soccer balls, be a hoola hoop heiress or try to old the perfect yoga pose and become the ultimate yoga master.

As you stand on the Wii Fit balance board your overall balance is tied into the game to bring a level of realism that has never been seen before in gaming.

What games will work with the Wii Fit?

Wii Fitness

Wii fitness is packed full with 40 different training activities that everyone will enjoy. There are 4 fitness categories.

*Aerobic Exercise - Short 10 minute bursts that get the blood pumping
*Muscle Conditioning - Controlled Motions using arms, legs and other body parts
*Yoga Poses - Traditional Yogga poses that focus on balance and stretching to turn you into the next yoga master
*Balance Games - Ski Jumping and heading soccer balls are just the start of activities designed to challenge your overall body balance.

Accessories to make your Wii Fit go hard or go home

The Wii Fit Balance Board Rechargable battery - This charges by using the USB port on the Wii console.

Then comes the Wii Fit silicon skin & Yoga Mat. You wouldn't want to slip on your wii fit would you?

Well that's about it for this guide, I hope you enjoyed reading! For Wii Fit balance boards as well as the wii fit yoga mat, wii fit silicon skin and to get heaps of free bonuses check out my eBay store: Clints Gadgets Store

Thanks for reading my guide!


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