Wii Sports Kit - Do you know what you're missing?

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Wii Sports Kits - Covering 8-in-1, 22-in-1 and 27-in-1

So if you've been browsing around the Wii category on eBay you might have seen these around. At first you might be thinking, 22-in-1? 22 what? or 27 what? Well these kits have got a whole bunch of goodies in there that add to the Wii experience. The main things to mention are: Steering Wheel's for Mario Kart, Tennis racquet for Wii Sports, Golf Club for Tiger Woods, Baseball Bats and heaps more.

To get maximum value out of these kits, you've really gotta have a play with everything they've got to offer. They're super easy to use, because all you have to do is snap fit your wiimote into the shell. Playing with controller shells makes games so much more fun, and it's great for little kids.

So let me run through exactly what is included in each of the sports kits that you can find in the Clints Gadgets Store.

8 in 1:


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